The Periodic Table for Background Verification

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When it comes to background verification, there are so many different dimensions and aspects of the service that it is impossible for organizations to not identify and mitigate one or more risks. After all, a thorough and exhaustive employee screening service ensures the safety and security of not just employees but the organization itself. At AuthBridge, we strive to make it simpler and easier for all our clients to better understand every aspect of background screening and what it entails. So, to help you comprehend the different services that we offer under background verification, we present a unique and interesting, yet comprehensive representation of all the services related to background verification that help to build trust.

As you can see in our background checks periodic table, we have divided the different services of background screening into six different groups or families, like the eighteen groups or families in the periodic table of elements. All the services that fall into one group or family have similar characteristics, like how each element in a group in the periodic table have similar physical and/or chemical characteristics. For example, Group 1 has services that cater to employers for verifying their candidates/ new hires including identity verification, reference checks, and substance abuse test. Below, we explain each family in detail– what services they constitute and how they contribute to background verification and help build trust.


1. Employment Verification

This group constitutes all background verification services that are targeted at employees or potential employees of an organization. They help to ensure that your organization hires only employees with a clean history and pose no threat to your business. Relying on advanced technology and API, these services include Identity verification (Ei), Employment check (Em), Education check (Ed), Address verification (Ea), Litigation database (El), Reference check (Er), Police verification (Ep), Substance abuse test (Es), CV validation (Ec), Global database check (Eg).


2. Know Your Customer

This group constitutes all background verification services that can help businesses gather and verify relevant information from their customers. All businesses, especially online businesses that follow the newly implemented eKYC mostly benefit from it. This group includes Aadhaar authentication (Ka), Aadhaar-based eKYC (Kk), PAN Verification (Kf), Voter ID verification (Kp), Passport verification (Kv), Electricity bill verification (Ks), Police verification (Kp), Address verification (Kd), Vehicle registration (Kr), Gas connection (Kg), Water bill verification (Kw).


3. Leadership Due Diligence

The third group consists of services that can help organizations make sure that they carry out their leadership due diligence before onboarding anyone for leadership and top management positions. These are advanced solutions targeted at mitigating higher risks associated with senior-level hires. It includes Employment check (Le), Education check (Ld), CV validation (Lc), Address check (La), Comprehensive database (Li), Reference check (Lr), Substance abuse testing (Ls), and Web and media check (Lw).


4. Identity Verification

This group consists of identity check services that help organizations make sure that the current employees, as well as the applicants, are exactly who they claim to be. This further helps in mitigating various kinds of security risks.  Identity verification includes Aadhaar authentication (Ia), Aadhaar-based eKYC (Ik), PAN verification (Ip), Passport verification (Is), Driving license check (Id), and Voter ID verification (Iv).


5. Due Diligence

All services that fall under this group help business to carry out their business due diligence before making any important decisions that could decide the fate of the organization. For example, making business deals with distributors. It includes checking for Investment (Di), Post transaction risk (Dp), Vendor due diligence (Dv), Franchise due diligence (Df), and Distributor (Dd).


6. Aadhaar Enabled Services

The sixth and final group consists of background verification services related to Aadhaar. These include Aadhaar authentication (Aa), Aadhaar-based eKYC (Ak), and Aadhaar-based e-sign (Ae). To know more, book an appointment with one of our experts today. Write to us at

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