More industries scaling up to Comprehensive Background Screening

More industries scaling up to Comprehensive Background Screening

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A recent PwC’s Global Economic Crime Survey finds 1 in every 4 organisations is impacted by economic crime committed by employees. In India, the top 3 industries hugely susceptible to economic crimes are financial services, manufacturing and professional services, the survey presented.The economy is clearly expanding exponentially with big companies turning bigger and start-ups attaining unicorn status. With the sizeable increase in companies, background screening also took a larger space.

Undoubtedly, 2016 has been a roller coaster ride for the background screening industry with spiralling high employee crime rate. More and more companies joined the background screening club. The increasing number of crimes inside the organizations and economy has triggered the way out with a power packed punch of comprehensive background screening.

This has been made possible with the high tide of technology upgrade in the background screening space. Increased reliability and trust is getting developed with robust technology initiatives and intelligent data analytics. All companies are ramping up on their analytics and easy technical platforms to support. The hold of background screening within an organization is growing, strength to strength with the motto to hire the best. From this, we can easily reach at the conclusion of how quickly background screening is catching up. Security systems are becoming way safer and powerful.

Biometric identification such as our own Aadhaar based systems are becoming one of the ways to provide an easy identification and authentication mechanism. The primary intention is instantaneity. It helps to determine a candidate’s authenticity, confirming his personal details quickly. It will surely help in building trust of employers, with a few clicks. Not only will this simplify verification but also streamline the background screening processes to be faster, efficient and effective. To know more, schedule an appointment with our expert today.

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