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Importance and Value of Pre-Employment Background Checks

Importance and Value of Pre-Employment Background Checks

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Time and again, we hear about how small little steps can contribute towards a big success. Substantial knowledge about a candidate’s background can help in their further pursuance. But evidently enough, employers either do not have the awareness or owing to negligence, fail to pin down robust screening practices. As an employer, the responsibility lies with him to check and verify the background of their prospective hires and save consequences of hiring mistakes.

The number of jobs available to the number of candidates is small anyway, clearly meaning candidates will turn to anything to have a job in hand. This is why pre-employment background checks are critical in a volatile hiring scenario, keeping in view the fairness and honesty required to perform in a job. Think it over on how much time effort and money goes into hiring a person! This decision cannot be ordinarily taken, without the right screening mechanism in place.

An employer inevitably needs to ask oneself the following set of questions: · Is the candidate the right fit for the organization? · Does he have a criminal background or any past convictions? What are his qualifications and credentials? It is always difficult to gauge whether a person will have the motive to commit a crime in the future, but a person’s past can unveil different layers of his character.

Pre-employment background check is more or less, an honesty check on the candidate to find out if the resume has been fudged. There should not be any scope for suspicion, confusion or wrong treatment later on. Background screening helps to take legally responsible and fairly straightforward decisions as a good practice, at the time of hiring.

Let us have a quick glance at the a few reasons that make background screening, a mandate for companies: 1. Protect the company and promote safe working environment- A bad candidate could be harmful to the organizational safety and security. In addition, it could also spoil co-workers. 2. Enhance the organizational repute- An organization with good quality candidates has a better market reputation over others. 3. Protect the candidate- Background screening works in the favour of the candidate itself. It will test and ensure genuineness of their degrees and other credentials too. 4. Fail to hit/ bypass good candidates- With thorough background screening, the wrong candidates are filtered out and the right ones are kept.

As known already, the ripple effect of corporate fraud runs down the whole organizational structure with an overarching impact on company goals. Hence, remember one bad apple rots the whole bunch. Stay alert and protected with robust background screening processes.


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