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Hiring your Top Brass: Avoid getting fooled by decorated resumes!

Hiring your Top Brass_ Avoid getting fooled by decorated resumes!

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With the competition for better jobs intensifying across all industry segments, verifying your top management clan has become necessary, be it either at the time of selection or at the onset of their tenure. One can be easily fooled by decorated resumes filled with accomplishments and experiences which are either fake or have been inflated. This can vary from incorrect tenure, designation, scope of the role, irrelevant references to misquoted education, salaries and more.

A customized background check of your senior hires can help you safeguard your organizational interests. Leadership Background screeningcan also be understood as an “intelligent check” on the white collar clan, to test their genuineness and fitment for the role offered.

The agenda at hand is to check material facts presented in the drawn up resume for accuracy. The presented resume should not be treated as the bible, neither should it be just another piece of paper. Checking one’s credentials listed on the resume is as critical as checking food for adulteration. Just as adulterated matter can result in slow poisoning, scrupulous seniors in your top brass can result in shorter survival, financial losses, operational risk and damage to brand reputation. The following snippets from AuthBridge case files highlight how critical information can be misrepresented/omitted/ inflated for a fancy title and additional perquisites – A senior from an IT consulting and outsourcing company was found to have criminal records & overstated credentials. There also was negative media report for his past unethical behaviour.

A CXO with a dominant mobile commerce company was found to have been involved in corrupt activities. Glaring inconsistencies in his resume brought out his fraudulent intentions. A C-suite executive from an Indian conglomerate operating in diverse sectors had indulged in fraudulent misdemeanour and omitted to mention significant details in his resume. As more people study and work abroad, it is becoming increasingly important to take background checks more seriously- more so in the case of your C suite.

How is hiring for the top brass different?

Verifying your top brass needs more focussed approach compared with other employees. At such a level, background checks need to screen elements of integrity and reputation too; checking credentials is just hygiene.Hence, professional reference check and scanning one’s character is of utmost importance. AuthBridge, in the past few years, has found out that 20 out of 250 leadership screenings had discrepancies using its customised offering AuthLead.

So screen your senior-level hires in a robust, detailed and comprehensive way.

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