The Employee Onboarding & Background Verification Reaction- Technology is the catalyst!

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Recruiting and retaining talent is a major challenge in the competitive world of today for HR professionals. A study conducted by Kronos and Future Workplace found 87% of global employers were concerned about retaining talent at the workplace. The scenario is not much different in India where attrition rates in IT, healthcare and other sectors have been close to 25%.


Onboarding experience can improve retention

A study shows that employees who had a great onboarding experience were 69% more likely to stay in the company for three years. Companies are increasingly investing in providing a great onboarding experience to increase employee engagement and talent retention.


How HR Technology helps speed up onboarding

Data shows that 20% of turnover occurs within just 45 days of recruitment. It makes sense to use HR technology to speed up and streamline onboarding to improve employee engagement and retention rates while optimizing the cost of recruitment. The sooner the employee is onboarded, more the productivity. Background Verification is an imperative, time consuming process in the employee onboarding process. However, technology is changing this paradigm. At AuthBridge, we are geared up to provide instant background verification with the use of cutting-edge technology in the following ways:


Aadhar-based eKYC

Background verification of employees is necessary to create a safe working environment as well as to avoid making wrong hires.  Employee Background Verification is one of the crucial elements in the onboarding process that can be streamlined with the use of technology. Earlier background verification processes necessitated lots of paperwork that needed signatures of Gazetted officers. Being a government-approved verification method, eKYC only needs an Aadhaar number. The identity, address proof and other details of the employee can be instantly verified in real time with Aadhaar-based eKYC.


Identity Verifications now done instantly using Aadhaar

API integration and tech-enabled platforms make it possible to complete identity checks and receive reports in quick time. AuthBridge is a registered Authenticated User Agency with UIDAI for Aadhaar-based background verification.


Employment verification is now a matter of minutes with WorkAttest™

AuthBridge’s WorkAttest™ is a web-based, automated, and secured platform. The key advantage of the platform is that you can gain insights into employees who leave the company. It also enables you to respond to other background screening agencies’ ex-employee verification requests, enhancing your HR productivity and TAT for responding to incoming requests.


Address verification can now be done using GPS-enabled tech

The physical address is of immediate concern to the employer in case of a crisis at the workplace. Verifying the physical address is now easy with cutting-edge GPS-enabled technology and mobile devices equipped with state-of-the-art applications.


Criminal verification is again done instantly using APIs

While conducting background verification, checking if there are any criminal records of the employee is critical. This prevents legal liabilities arising out of wrong hires. Using APIs, machine learning, and advanced Algorithms, it is now possible to check for criminal records in a matter of minutes! With such automation, background verification has become seamless and quick. But what about other stages in the employee onboarding experience?


Here are a Few Tips for providing a great onboarding experience

Onboarding begins before recruiting
Create as much awareness about the brand and the culture when the recruitment process begins on the website, emailers, or in the form of an information kit.


Prepare in advance

Utilize the time between recruitment and the first reporting day of the employee to carry out background verification, checks on identity, criminal records, and so on. Consult a professional agency to handle background verification to speed up the process. Be ready with all the details before the joining date of the employee.


Welcome the employee

Introduce to the teams and keep the necessary resources including login passwords or user ids, space and the official email id ready.


Structure the program

Avoid overloading the employee with too much information and structure the onboarding program.


Assign a coach or a mentor

The new employee feels more comfortable with an experienced mentor at the workplace. Next time you think onboarding, think about technology and think about employee experience!

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