Do ‘consistent’ background checks reduce fakery in resumes?

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With the outgrowing speed of technology boom in India, efficient hiring is the biggest trigger for ‘instant’ background verification today! Every industry sector is experiencing shortage of talent and trust in the way hiring is being done. With the overall discrepancy level significantly rising from 10.29% to 15.21%, a great deal to build trust with instant verifications is the need of the hour.[ Source: AuthBridge Annual Trend Report 2017]

Some Key Highlights:-

  • 15.21% Candidates misrepresented information to employers in FY2017; major jump from 10.29% in FY 2016
  • Employment verification witnessed the maximum discrepancy followed by address verification, reference check and education verification respectively
  • Financial Services industry had the maximum discrepant cases with a rate of 24.99 %, followed by Telecom

Over 80% of the large organizations and an increasing number of start- ups are opting for background screening of their new hires says a report published by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Since this practice has somewhat been slightly fragmented; an amalgamation of manual and automated verification procedures, HR generalists need to brainstorm hiring solutions that are efficient, thorough and effective. Resume Lies Rising with ‘no holds barred’– What HR needs to Do?

Consistency is the key when it comes to background verification of new hires. Companies need to be homogenous with their background screening procedures and policies; such as, criminal history check, police verification, address check, employment verification etc. and know how they conduct them and apply the necessary processes. Reviewing all the applicants in an identical fashion and documenting the process when needed is a desirable thing to do. Developing a matrix for each type of position and evaluating the background screening proceedings for the particular type of job can help in drastically reducing discrepancy levels. These are some signs of a structured background screening program.

Since, the Human Resource Function in an organization is the sole leading voice in conducting background screening, it is advisable that they consider applying a set of standard practices without bias to all offices and designations in conducting background screening to implement a successful verification program.

A sneak peek into our 4th Annual Trend Report- Background Screening 2017 helps you to understand how AuthBridge supported the transformational recruitment across different sectors and came up with the concept of TrustonDemand to help organizations create powerful HR plans and policies.

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