Background Checks-Powered by Technology & Patent Pending Platform

Background Checks-Powered by Technology & Patent Pending Platform

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More than 90 per cent of Fortune 500 companies have a formal policy of screening the backgrounds of their employees as well as their outsourced staff. Delivering trusted, instant Background screening services for companies is the need of the hour. Instant verifications have come alive in the way operations are conducted.  State-of-art technology is used for the finest services in background verification to enhance delivery of services. Not only does technology deliver convenience, it offers reduced turnaround time & faster on-boarding to deliver enhanced candidate experience. This also leads to reduced chances of losing the candidate to a competitor!

This is complemented with well-managed, seamless operations processes to ensure quick, accurate results. At AuthBridge, we deliver quick background checks using advanced technology, powered by our patent pending platform- iBridge, as the name suggests, bridges the gap between trust and talent, between facts and information produced. It is the engine which drives the entire verifications process and puts the results together to deliver to the client.

Traditionally, verification process was manual. Teams would work on a case from start to finish, conducting all of the background checks. Then one would keep track of the status of each check for each case. Each case took longer to finish depending on the number of verifications required and the difficulty of the case. Since a lot of this time was spent waiting for responses and conducting follow ups, productivity would widely vary.

Automation was the only way to take things forward!

By connecting verification teams for identity, address, education, employment, criminal and other background checks, BRIDGE is the lifeline for background checks at AuthBridge ! Combining the best of automation, machine learning, text analytics, OCR, NLPs, databases, sophisticated algorithms and more, BRIDGE truly is transforming the future of background screening!

The same has been recognised as a case study titled ‘Innovating HR Operations’ published by the Cornell University. The case study is now taught in their operations curriculum and multiple other schools including ISB, Mohali.

iBridge is now a patent pending platform and powering thousands of background checks daily!

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