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Welcome to contactless onboarding with iBridge™

As the world evolves beyond 2020, it is imperative for organisations to automate, digitise and add speed to their onboarding processes. iBridge™ is a web platform with capabilities that let you automate your onboarding processes end-to-end. You can create all-new journeys with plug-in plug-out features and conduct personal, educational and professional checks as per your industry standards or integrate our APIs in your existing processes. iBridge™ helps you beat the challenges of the new economy with customisable, accurate and contactless background verification.

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Automate background screening and scale up faster

Adopt automation with iBridge™, our employee screening platform that comes with real-time dashboards and actionable insights to help you create a seamless and faster onboarding experience. Plug-in or plug-out different checks as per your industry requirements or select from our pre-defined packages

Improve candidate experience, increase productivity

Candidates can upload their documents and fill in their personal and professional details on iBridge™ within minutes, sans paperwork. This saves your onboarding time by up to 90% making it faster for your resources to come onboard thus increasing your rates of productivity.

Stay ahead with real-time visibility on the progress

Get real-time updates on the status of employee screening with customisable alerts and notifications and check the status of progress on each of your cases. You can also view and track any insufficiencies and take actions on the go

Customisable and integrable with any HRMS or onboarding tool

iBridge comes with customisable workflows where you can plug-in or out any component of employee background screening based on your industry-specific requirements. You can choose checks from our pre-defined packages or you can also integrate our background check module to your existing HRMS / onboarding tool.

Built-in compliance and data privacy safeguards

We are committed to protecting and safeguarding data privacy of our clients and users. Our products meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements and global encryption standards so when your organisation scales up, you can be sure that it is also adhering to the ever-changing compliance requirements.

Digital Employee Onboarding & Verification

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One-click initiation

Initiate multiple background check requests with a click of a button

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Intuitive application

Single time relevant information and document collection with intelligent data enrichment

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Real-time visibility

Detailed dashboard to easily track the progress on every case / check and document collection

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Fastest turnaround time

AuthBridge’s proprietary databases and APIs pre-integrated to ensure industry’s fastest turn-around times

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Custom features

Alerts & notifications that can be customized for each client

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Ease of access

Available on web, mobile and can be integrated with any HRMS/ATS

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iBridge is built for organisations of all sizes

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FAQs for the ever curious

  • How efficient is iBridge™ in migrating to paperless employee onboarding?

    iBridge™ shares a link with candidates where they can upload their educational and professional documents and give their consent for background verification. The documents uploaded are used for the complete background verification process, thus making the whole employee onboarding process paperless.

  • What happens to the documents uploaded onto iBridge™ afterwards?

    The documents are stored safely on the server. This repository can only be used by an authorised person in your HR team later for reference purposes.

  • How does iBridge™ ensure data security?

    We are committed to data privacy and security. We diligently follow global standards of data privacy guidelines which ensure user data safety and will not be used elsewhere. We are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant for information security.

  • Will it be cumbersome to have multiple check packages on iBridge™?

    iBridge™ helps HR teams design their own packages on the platform while initiating a case for their requirement. Different levels of access make delegation easy and gives you complete control over your verification process.

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