Aadhaar verification is NOT Enough! Things employers need to know

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Aadhaar verification is NOT Enough! Things employers need to know

Recently, Aadhaar has seen a lot of attention in a very short span- rightly so, it being the World’s largest biometric database. Multiple articles have reported that employers are increasingly using Aadhaar based identity verification

With such a verification mechanism, a weeklong process can be done in just about 15 minutes, they claim!

Correct! However, this is not completely true.

While Aadhaar verifications are quick, they can only validate the identity of a person. The picture isn’t complete here! While hiring employees, organisations look at a candidate’s identity, profile and reputation. Identity is validated using government issues IDs, profile is evaluated using education, address and employment verifications while reputation is gauged by police verification, criminal record check, web and media searches, credit history checks etc. 

Using Aadhaar based checks, one can be thoroughly scanned for genuineness of identity in real-time. With use of advanced APIs, verification is possible in real-time. Not just verification, used Aadhaar enabled services like eKYC enhances the on-boarding experience and all personal information related to an individual gets captured with the employer. This saves time and money and protects employers against identity crises situations.

Experts believe that companies can save 60% of the hiring costs by using the Aadhaar based verification platforms. However, verifications do not end here. Employers need to anyways conduct profile and reputation checks using education verification, employment check, address check, criminal records check and more.

Surely, Aadhaar cannot be used for such purposes. Aadhaar is definitely an enabler here. Using information pulled from Aadhaar based eKYC, i.e., candidate name, address and father’s name, criminal records check can be conducted instantly by searching publically available court records across the country using advanced APIs. The information from Aadhaar also becomes an input in the visitor management system and eSign solutions. Employers need to verify candidates thoroughly post-selection and confirm their existence and experience through a chain of background checks. These checks depend on the employers and job profiles in consideration.

Aadhaar based verification serves as the initial screen for employers. Fake identities can be immediately rejected in real-time. However, profile and reputation checks need to be added further before classifying someone as a good hire or the right fit. Employers may disregard candidates who lie/omit/cheat on their candidature. The right approach to background screening is a holistic background verification program and Aadhaar verification is just the stepping stone, not the complete movie! To know more, schedule an appointment with our expert today.

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