Are business and service companies ensuring adequate customer safety this Diwali?

Are business and service companies ensuring adequate customer safety this Diwali_

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Ensure customer security while your representatives meet, deliver services and interact with customers and others. The festival of lights is almost upon us. While organisations and people get charged with positive energy bursting crackers, painting rangolis and exchanging presents and sweets, it is also important for all to ensure complete security and avoid any mishaps from happening. We are not referring to keeping away from crackers but keeping safe from people and vendors!


From an organisation point of view

Consider this. You are an on-demand food delivery aggregator. On the festive occasion of Diwali, your customer places order for sweets and feast with you. While the order is being delivered to the customer, how do you ensure that your customer is not at risk and the delivery man is not a criminal? Even worse, what if the delivery man is actually not the person who was supposed to deliver the order? Not being physically present on the ground, how can you avoid accidents to happen which can have massive repercussion for your customers? Moving away from the on-demand economy, consider you are a traditional business wanting to partner with vendors for managing supplies this Diwali. Have you ensured that the vendor is genuine and the company exists? Have you completed a due diligence on the vendor?


From a customer point of view

Consider this. You decide to call over house cleaning staff from leading on-demand service providers. These service providers will in turn route your request to a local business who will send their staff to your house. While you are away, your children and your family’s security might be at stake. What if the cleaner is a criminal in disguise? All the stories above can be viewed from both an organisation as well as an end- customer point of view. Similarly, customer security might be compromised while they pool a cab this Diwali to meet relatives!  Businesses might me up for a soup while they on-board vendors with fake capabilities and credentials.


How can businesses ensure that their customers are in safe hands?

As a responsible and customer centric business/service provider, you must be extra cautious when employing people to deliver services to the end customers. The customers not only rely on the services providers for good quality products and services but also expect full safety when the product/service arrives. The solution here is to conduct a thorough background screening. Background verification services offers a range of checks from identity verification, criminal history check, address check, reference check, education and employment verification and many more checks to ensure that the vendor/person you are interacting with is genuine and does not have any black records which can impact your business and brand reputation. (Click here for detailed understanding on why on-demand economy essentially needs thorough background screening) Background screening services aids the process of hiring the right set of people to serve customers and ensure their safety.

With the growing number of start-ups, on-demand companies and high risk ventures, this is the most suitable time for healthy beginning. As customers, one should ensure that their vendors/service providers conduct background screening as a part of the hiring and partnering process. AuthBridge, one of the leading global background screening Services Company offers range

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