11 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Criminal History Check

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11 questions to your background screener before choosing criminal history check

An employer may or may not know what all checks including criminal check to be conducted on a prospective hire. But do not be put down with your inadequate knowledge of background screening processes. A trustworthy, well-equipped and technology enabled background screening company could be an ideal choice.

Confront your background screener with top criminal history check questions as presented below:

What are the types of criminal checks?

Which one is more comprehensive?

What is the process to conduct criminal record check?

What all information will be captured under a criminal check?

Which locations make it challenging to execute criminal check with effective turnaround time adhering to the regulatory framework?

Can separate criminal record checks conducted on the same candidate within a short span of time yield different results?

How will technology help in easing out the process?

What automation will be used? What steps are taken to ensure that criminal records are not missed?

How accurate are the results? Can the results be challenged?

For how long will the information about a candidate be kept intact?

Which verification bodies are involved? The right set of background verification questions before conducting a criminal check is highly crucial. Conduct criminal check on your potential hire to avoid any legal hassles in the future! Be vigilant, stay updated!

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