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In the highly digitized sharing economy of today, it is safe to say that one of the most important element is trust. Without trust, a lot of businesses that cater to our needs on a daily basis would be useless. People we don’t know drive us to our destinations, and we sleep in houses of people we have never met before. This speaks volumes about how the modern economy is greatly dependant on Trust On Demand. The HR industry too has evolved and employee background verification processes have never been made simpler and faster. Before digitization, this was a long process of collecting all pertinent records of the potential employee and going through them manually to make sure there were no discrepancies. Not surprisingly, building trust took a long time and required extensive work. However, with new technologies and innovations, pre-employment checks can now be conducted with just a few clicks. This allows you, as an employer, to make sure that the person you are offering a position to in your company is someone reliable and trustworthy.


Employee screening made easy with new HR technology

There is no doubt that digital technology is the driving force of trust and transparency today in every industry. For example, companies can track their supply chain using RFID technology and remote sensors to not only ensure safety but quality too. Moreover, social media sites give more power to consumers by providing them with a global platform to review poor customer services and the likes. In the same way, Talent Acquisition for organisations is faster, simpler and more reliable due to innovations in digital technology. Hiring a new employee may have been a lengthy, even risky process before. But today, building trust with potential employees does not have to be implicit anymore. Besides, other technologies like advanced and user-friendly APIs, other tech-enabled platforms and sophisticated algorithms make it possible to verify information and establish trust with a potential employee. Not only can you verify their identity, you can also make sure that the information they present to you is indeed true by running a profile and reputation check


Why background verification for employees is the first step for building trust

As much as we would like to believe that every human being is a fair and honest individual, that is not always the case. In fact, 1 in every 6 candidates were found to lie on their resume in 2017- 48% increase from the previous year (Ref: AuthBridge’s Annual Trend Report 2017) This clearly shows that the number of people lying about their background and other information is on the rise. But luckily, the number of ways to verify such information is also increasing. As a result, you, as an employer, has more power over who becomes a part of your organisation. You have the ability to make sure that you are hiring someone who is exactly who he or she says they are, and that they won’t be a threat to the company or to other employees. Before a job offer, you can first build trust with them through fact-driven processes. It is this new technology of Trust-On-Demand that is changing the way employers and potential employees interact across various industries.

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