Digital KYC Solution for Identity Verification

Our image-based Digital KYC enables end-to-end seamless customer onboarding journeys through AI-powered facial recognition, liveness detection, OCR, and geo-tagging technologies, adding speed and scale to your customer onboarding process


Trusted by 2,000+ companies

Intelligent KYC solutions to digitize your onboarding and authentication processes

Truly Digital Solution in Every Sense

Identity Misrepresentation

Realtime Identity Verification

Selfie backed Liveness Check, Face Match Score against NIDs and 
Geo-coding based digital address verification

High Turnover

Hassle Free

Integrable with LOS/LMS/CRMS
via API and SDK based integrations
with API documentation and developer support

Be MeitY Compliant

Secure and Compliant Processes

Take and manage customer Consent with ease and Mask Sensitive customer data with an ISO 27001 compliant solution 

Process of Digital KYC Verification

AuthBridge's Digital KYC Solution

Give your Customers a Seamless Onboarding and Verification Experience​

iPhone 12 Pro mockup

Step 1

Mobile Number Verification with OTP and consent based verification

iPhone 12 Pro mockup (1)

Step 2

Capture Selfie for Liveness Check and get a match score

iPhone 12 Pro mockup (2)

Step 3

OCR enabled POI/POA Verification to auto extract Identity and address details

iPhone 12 Pro mockup (3)

Step 4

Successful Customer Identification and KYC acceptance/rejection

AI to make Digital KYC contactless

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to create real-time, contactless onboarding journeys. Enhance your customer experience and scale up faster with our KYC Solutions.


Cost Optimization

Reduced costs, customizable workflows, compliant process

Our Digital KYC product enables instant verification with the power of AI, ML, and deep search algorithms ensuring the fastest onboarding process for your customers, reduced operational costs, helping your organisation scale up at speed. Our Digital KYC comes with customizable workflows so you can create your industry-specific KYC journeys. Our Digital KYC product is data-security compliant and ensures complete adherence to the latest RBI guidelines.

Security Compliant

SEBI, RBI Adherence


AI powered KYC solution to transform your customer identification process
Digital KYC

Fewer KYC Dropouts

Reduced customer application dropout rates with Digital KYC

Traditional KYC involved cumbersome paperwork that led to higher drop-out rates in customer onboarding. Our Digital KYC solution makes the process completely digital, eliminating paperwork completely, making the whole journey contactless, enhancing your customer experience, thus reducing your customer drop-out rates significantly.

Minimal Drop Outs

Contactless KYC

No Paper Work

No More Identity Frauds

Accurate face match percentage, liveness detection to catch identity frauds

Our AI-powered image recognition and liveness detection technologies use biometric anti-spoof algorithms to test the genuineness of the image taken and matches it with valid ID proof, ensuring that an entity is who they say they are. Get notified each time there is a skewed, blurry or disoriented image right at the beginning of the onboarding process so that you can catch discrepancies and potential identity thefts with AI-powered high-quality image processing

Face Match Check

Name Match Check

Address Match

What does a Face match API do_
Say Goodbye to Lengthy Onboarding Processes​

Remote Onboarding

Easily Onboard customers from remote locations

Digital KYC has a higher scope and much better customer reach because the entire process is contactless. This means anyone with Aadhar card and the registered mobile number can perform our Digital KYC remotely. This is especially helpful in achieving a wider customer reach in rural areas where access to banks and financial institutions is relatively lower than in urban areas. , It helps you save operational costs by up to 70% and onboarding time by up to 90%. Banks, NBFCs, mutual funds, insurance, logistics, telecom companies, mobile wallets, and P2P marketplaces can use Digital KYC for seamless customer onboarding journeys.

Mobile Verification

Aadhaar Verification

Pan India Support

Top Instant Verification APIs used by our Clients for KYC services

Instant verification and onboarding with API based KYC services

Aadhaar Card Verification API

PAN Card Verification API

Voter Card Verification API

Passport Verification API

Driving License Verification API

Bank Account Verification API

RC VerificationAPI

Face Verification API

Powering KYC Technologies for 30+ Industries

KYC Solution for All Industries

Bank Statement Check

Banking and Financial Services

Onboard and verify customers, borrowers and users

Real money gaming (1)

Real Money Gaming

Faster authentication of players to accelerate onboarding



Verify the buyers to prevent identity theft and money laundering



Verify the users and sellers to prevent frauds



Authenticate the policy holders to ensure credibility

Healthcare & pharma

Healthcare & Pharma

Verify the medical reps, doctors and other medical staff



Fastrack onboarding and verification of new users

Rental_Real Estate

Rental/Real Estate

Verification and registration of tenants

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