Case Study

AuthBridge Streamlines Leading Bike Taxi Aggregator’s Customer Onboarding Process


About the Company

The client, a company founded in 2015 and headquartered in Bengaluru, India, is one of India’s largest Bike Taxi App services by being the number 1 choice of 10 Million people. It also recently launched its Cab services in Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad.





Key Results

The client gained peace of mind knowing their customers were vetted and compliant, all while building stronger relationships through a smoother onboarding experience:

    • Faster customer and rider onboarding
    • Reduction in dropout rates for users
    • Reduced CapEx-related loss over a period
    • Better visibility over the entire onboarding process for our clients


The Challenge

The client faced a critical challenge: balancing a smooth customer onboarding experience with minimising risks to its assets and users. The following were the major challenges that the client faced:

  • Reducing damage and theft during user pick-up and drop-off while maintaining a convenient experience
  • Balancing security measures with cost-effectiveness in a large fleet
  • Addressing risks involving user contact, potential fraud, and theft while ensuring a streamlined process
  • User identity and address verification
  • Fleet-on-street entrepreneur’s Identity, address, criminal background, and bank account verification

The Solution

We simplified the onboarding process for the client and effectively managed all the problems by incorporating these solutions:

  • We prioritized safe onboarding for our client. Leveraging OCR technology, our secure APIs verified user identities and addresses. Physical site visits by our team provided real-world confirmation, ensuring legitimate customers and peace of mind.
  • To help protect against potential vehicle damage, we recommended securing a minimum deposit from the customer’s wallet as an additional safety measure
  • We built a robust onboarding process from scratch, protecting the client from fraudulent riders who could harm both the business and customers. Proprietary databases revealed any criminal records, and PennyDrop bank account checks shielded against financial risks.


By transforming customer onboarding, we empowered our client to focus on what they do best – thriving in their industry, knowing their customer ecosystem is built on trust, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Our AI-powered automation boosted speed and scalability and instilled trust, transparency, and compliance.

Case Study

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