Case Study

Leading Steel Company Onboarded 700+ Vendors in Record Time


About the Company

It is one of India’s fastest-growing and largest integrated steel manufacturers, significantly present in the steel, power, mining and infrastructure segment. They have been rated as the second highest value creator in the world by the Boston Consulting Group, the 11th fastest growing company in India by Business World and has been in the Forbes Asia list of Fab 50 companies. It has also been named among the Best Blue Chip companies and rated as the Highest Wealth Creator by the Dalal Street Journal.


Steel & Power



Key results

  • 700+ vendors onboarded at speed
  • Automated onboarding with DIY User Journeys
  • Reduced TAT with 10X faster document collection, digital signing, and verification on the go.
  • Bulk onboarding and customisable workflows
  • Regulatory, reputational, and financial checks for mutual trust and transparency

Products and Key Checks Offered

The Challenge

In today’s dynamic business landscape, streamlining vendor onboarding is crucial. Manual processes riddled with delays, errors, and fraud risk are no longer sustainable. Especially for industries like steel, power, and infrastructure, where security and compliance are paramount. Our client, a leading player in this arena, understood this challenge all too well. They grappled with lengthy paperwork, manual verification, and scattered document collection, hindering their growth and efficiency.

The Solution

Our OnboardX solution automated the entire process for our client, from information collection to verification, ensuring speed, accuracy, and reduced risk.

OnboardX is our one-stop shop for hassle-free vendor onboarding! This intuitive web platform automates everything, from collecting documents to verifying identities—all instantly and online. Think real-time checks, only relevant paperwork, and seamless integration with your systems. OnboardX keeps you compliant and protects your business, all while letting you welcome new vendors in minutes, not months. It’s time to simplify, scale, and build trust with your partners—OnboardX makes it effortless.


In a world where efficiency and security reign supreme, AuthBridge empowered this manufacturing/engineering major to revamp its vendor onboarding process. OnboardX’s AI-powered automation not only boosted speed and scalability but also instilled trust, transparency, and compliance. By embracing innovation, our client positioned themselves at the forefront of their industry, ready to conquer the challenges of 2024 and beyond.

Case Study

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The most noteworthy aspects of our collaboration has been the ability to seamlessly onboard partners from all corners of India, for which our TAT has been reduced from multiple weeks to a few hours now.

- Mr. Satyasiva Sundar Ruutray
Vice President, F&A Commercial,

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