Waking up to powerful Criminal checks

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Waking up to powerful Criminal checks

Unmasking the real face of the potential candidate has always been onerous. Criminal checks help in understanding individuals’ intentions by screening past records. Criminal check delves extensively through the past criminal records of the candidate. Though the intent of criminality can be picked up from other background checks too, but a criminal background check helps to find out an existing record in the candidate’s name, available in the public space. Criminal checks are much needed in the evolving landscape, especially with the emerging P2P and P2B industries. With the tectonic shift in the economy, the on demand companies are starting to flourish. Due to the basic nature of businesses in the on-demand sector, criminal intent of the person needs to be gauged prior to hiring them. The interpersonal connections and front end interactions with the customers make safety a matter of concern.

In addition to these, industries like healthcare, financial services, retail and many others operate on Trust. Criminal checks become an important aspect of background verification in such instances. There are numerous benefits of checking employee’s criminal history. Below are a few:

Assess the risk associated with a person before having him hired Identifies potentially high-risk candidates to safeguard organization’s reputation and financials. Reinforce trust of employees in the workplace

However, it is not as easy to look up all records of a person to find out truth about his/her criminal past. It is a gigantic task, yet many industries have woken up to its significance in reaching a hiring decision for their organization.

Criminal record check includes in-depth analysis of arrests, convictions, charges etc. in relation to the person being screened. It may also include warrants in some cases.

This information is mostly available through court records, police verification records and other database sources. Other thorough criminal checks have information about international arrests and convictions too. However, at a global level, some countries prevent criminal checks from disclosing some selective information about criminal records. For example, California allows records to show convictions only, not arrests.

Policies largely vary across countries and need expert intervention from background screening agencies and consultants. Ensure you screen an individual’s criminal past thoroughly before you trust today!

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