How well do you know about your Leadership’s Background?

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How well do you know about your Leadership’s Background_

How sure are you that your leadership hire has a clean past?What steps does your company undertake to avoid negligent hiring?What processes do you have in place to effectively screen your senior hires? Do you ponder over these questions, amidst hiring senior level hires?

Do not be stunned to know that leadership candidates also misrepresent information about their education, employment, achievements, abilities, competencies and character in order to grow in their career.

Higher the rank of the employee, greater the need for a comprehensive background check. Competition at senior level is so gruelling that hidden/misrepresented facts in high impact positions are often revealed during background checks. One hiring lapse at higher levels damages company reputation and financials. This establishes an alarming need to go beyond the usual and know his/her complete background before hiring. There is a need to step up the existing screening processes and make them more powerful for improved quality of hiring.

Leadership screening should go beyond the stated references. All details furnished during the hiring process should be checked in-depth against independently sourced references. Delving deeper into facts and testing the integrity of potential seniors provides a competitive edge to companies along with the confidence to take firm hiring decisions. This provides insight into your leader’s thought process, level of responsibility, role fit as well as culture fit.

The case of Scott Thompson, CEO, Yahoo who presented fake education achievements in his CV is known to all of us. In our years of experience of conducting in-depth leadership screening using AuthLead, we have come across numerous interesting leadership fraud cases.

Next time you hire your leaders, ensure that you screen the following aspects :

  • Educational qualifications
  • Career Leaps
  • Social Reputation
  • Competencies
  • Criminal & Civil Past

Get a leadership screening conducted in-depth today! To know more, schedule an appointment with our expert today.

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