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Using background verifications, Can India Inc. work towards women empowerment?

Jan 07, 2020

A Sales Executive of a private bank has been arrested for allegedly stalking a 25-year-old woman working with another private bank and misbehaving with her. The individual was also arrested in 2010 of similar charges levied by the same woman. The man has been pestering the woman to become friend since five years.

“Ranjan followed her from outside her bank and attempted to speak to her. The woman asked him not to follow her and asked him to leave and threatened to call the police. This made Ranjan angry and he misbehaved with the woman, who later made a call to the police control room. A police team arrived at the spot and arrested Ranjan,” added a police officer responsible for investigating into the matter.

• Should employers concern themselves about their employees’ “personal lives”?

• Should employers pay heed to these flags?

• Should employers verify such behavioral traits of prospective/current employees?

• Should recruiters identify these flags before forwarding profiles to employers?

India has ranked very low on women empowerment scale in the research conducted by Booz & Co., an international consulting and management firm.   45% women observed unfair and gender-biased treatment at workplace. Over 50% women report safety concerns while on transit. Can India Inc. work towards women empowerment using background verification?