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Resume Fraud - Inflated Salaries

Jan 07, 2020

An inflated salary is a very close cousin to exaggerated job titles and responsibilities.  In fact they are closely linked.  The seriously widespread abuse of this particular facet of resume fraud is reflected in a survey.  A resume services company discovered that 40% percent of the resumes they studied contained false salary claims, the largest area of fraud study.

When devious employees boost their job titles, they then have to match the salary to those fake responsibilities – or vice versa.  This is one reason job applicants falsely enhance their salary claims. Job applicants also inflate their previous earnings to get the best possible deal.  It does not matter if the economy is thriving or there is a recession.  The incidences, though, tend to shoot up in a downturn when the job market is especially tight.

Another reason why employees inflate their salaries is because confidentiality and legal constraints make it difficult for hiring companies to get salary verification from previous employers.  This loophole is something that is very often exploited. While it maybe a human urge to boost salary claims it is a worrying factor for hiring companies.   One result is that they will be paying more (or too much) for an unqualified person.  The other consequence is that such people will be in positions of influence; have entry to sensitive business and financial information or even operate hazardous equipment.

The last and definitely not least aspect is that there is a fraud person in the ranks.  If they can lie about their salaries, it will not be beyond them to commit other underhand acts.  Everyone wants a great resume.  A great salary is the obvious connection. Companies cannot avoid or undervalue a thorough background check of incoming employees. With HR personnel flooded with resumes making quick, accurate and well-informed decisions is crucial.  Catching out lies and misrepresentations can be difficult. In cases of inflated salaries, a verification of the applicants’ job previous responsibilities and professional reference checks will give an accurate picture of their salary worth.

Background checks will uncover any untruths in the resumes of prospective employees.