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With the growth of the sharing economy in the country, the need for TrustOnDemand™ is higher than ever, especially in India, where this sharing economy has resulted in a number of job openings, and consequently, an influx of applicants from every corner of the country. It is no easy task for any organization to effectively handle all applications and conduct a thorough employee screening service for each applicant. Even with the help of background screening agencies, it takes around 15 to 20 days for a full and accurate screening. Especially for organizations with high attrition, they find it difficult to extend their hiring process for that long.

This leads to a low background screening percentage in India, putting most organizations at serious risk. In 2015, a mid-sized IT company hired its Indian branch CEO. This person claimed in his resume that he was a graduate of IIT (BHU) and IIM-Ahmedabad. However, his colleagues suspected that there was something not quite right since he could not speak in English properly and lacked managerial and leadership abilities – qualities that are expected from anyone who claims to have such high qualifications. After conducting a thorough background screening, it was found that the candidate was a fraud.

He had previously provided seven different resumes for various other stints, as well as on several portals. Needless to say, he did not graduate from the prestigious institutions as he claimed. This is just one of the many instances where applicants provide false information about themselves in their resume, putting a company at serious risk if not for thorough and on-time background screening. This incident is also an example of the urgent need for TrustOnDemand™ for all organisations across various industries. Had the company had access to employee screening services that could deliver accurate results and build trust instantly, they could have avoided a bad hire and that too, at such a high position.


TrustOnDemand™- Changing Background Verification landscape

Often, trust between an applicant and an employer is built implicitly, without having hard facts to support that trust. This is where most organisations, not only in the country but all over the world, make a huge hiring mistake. Maybe, this was not such a huge risk years ago when face-to-face interactions and tangible connections were the norms. But today, in a world where the demand economy and digital interaction make it difficult to know exactly who we are interacting with, TrustOnDemand™ is more necessary than ever.

You need to be able to verify that the people you choose to work with are exactly who they say they are, and confidently base your trust on hard facts. You can’t just dive in head-first with your eyes closed; TrustOnDemand™ is the perfect tool to help you make well-informed choices. It is not just credentials that have to be checked in a background screening but also the public image and media coverage, especially for huge companies.

For example, in the case of Mozilla naming Brendan Eich as its CEO and the subsequent public protest that followed, you can clearly see how employment and education histories are not enough. Even though Eich was the co-founder of Mozilla and created JavaScript, he was staunchly against gay rights, even donating $1000 to support banning gay marriage in California. Various companies, the public, as well as several Mozilla employees, were against this, saying that the CEO’s views were clashing with the company’s vision to help provide an enriching life for all individuals. A few days later, Eich had to step down from his position.

With TrustOnDemand™, using advanced APIs and an online database, one can verify the identity, profile and reputation of an individual, thereby helping companies avoid the issues related to a bad hire as stipulated in the above cases.

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