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Things to Evaluate Before On-Boarding a Background Verification Partner

Background verification is a crucial process for any organisation regardless of the industry they belong to. You should not blindly trust whatever information an applicant has provided in their resume. If it turns out he/she had provided incorrect information at that time, it could create unnecessary problems for the business. Since this person may, in the future, play an integral role in your company if he/she is hired. Therefore, pre-employment check processes are a must in the hiring process.

Just like how you, as an employer, would go to great lengths to prove applicants’ reliability, you should do the same when choosing a background verification partner. In fact, you should be more careful when choosing a vendor to work with for employee screening because, after all, they are the ones who decide which applicants are trustworthy. Therefore, you should always follow due diligence before coming to a decision.

1Top 10 questions to take into consideration before choosing a background verification company

You have to be sure of the kind of services the vendor offers. What exactly are their capabilities? Are they dedicated to just background screening or offer diverse services and pre-employment verification just happens to be one of them? It’s always better if they have a focused service provider.

2. Is the background screening company providing quality output?

You must consider the kind of output the vendor provides and the process to receive that kind of output. Background verification output must be accurate and easy to understand. Service delivery must be tech-enabled.

3. Is the pre-employment check company compliant with data security?

With so much focus on personal data security, it is crucial that the background verification vendor is compliant with ISO or other equivalent standards for information security and quality management. Make sure they follow a strict procedure for data security to ensure that all information and details of your job applicants are safe and secure.

4. Is the background verification company skilled and experienced?

You will also want to take into consideration the years of experience the employee screening company has. Expertise and knowledge in various domains adds to the credibility. Looking at the portfolio of services, success case studies and client portfolio can yield useful insights.

5. Is the background verification company using reliable technology?

Always inquire about the kind of underlying technology used to deliver the results. Is the vendor using reliable, state-of-the-art technology? Does technology deliver convenience, peace of mind and faster results to the customer?

6. Does the background verification company have industry foresight?

It is important for any background verification company to have industry foresight since it is a constantly evolving industry influenced by many factors. They should be able to adapt to any changes and provide services suited to the evolution of your industry as well as theirs.

7. What kind of relationship will you share with the background checks company?

Is your vendor a partner or strictly just a company whose services you hire? Where does your relationship begin and end? It’s up to you to decide if they can help your business grow and expand.

8. Does the employee screening company provide valuable, reliable outcomes?

One of the most important factors to consider is the reliability and accuracy of the reports delivered to you. They should be backed up with proof and supporting evidences.

9. Does the background screening company provide high-quality support?

Is your screening services provider available in times of need? Your vendor should be approachable and accommodating and should be able to positively accept any kind of feedback you may have. Customer support is a key criteria.

10. Does the employee screening company have a good market reputation?

Last but not the least, the vendor you choose to work with must have a good reputation in the market. If they do not, it is likely that they provide bad, unreliable service.

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