Resume Verification is key to an Organisation’s Success

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Yahoo’s ex CEO, Scott Thompson lied about his Computer Science degree which not only affected his hiring but also the official regulatory filings for the company. Dean of Admissions of MIT, Marilee Jones made up degrees from Union College and Albany Medical College, neither of which has any record of her attendance. Instances of misrepresenting information on a resume is very common. Resume verification is crucial to ensuring that the right candidate is hired and retained in the organization. Bad hires can lead to huge losses.

A study by CareerBuilder where 2,500 managers were interviewed found more than half of them had detected resume fraud. Resume frauds such as the exaggeration of skills, and falsification of experience are some reasons that necessitate resume verification. CV validation is also important to detect resume frauds such as claiming to have been employed by companies they never worked for.


Trends in resume frauds

Professional Resume verification agencies have a bank of data to deliver insights on resume fraud. AuthBridge, a leading background verification company, has compiled trends in resume fraud in India for 2017. According to this report, in 2017, 15.21% of candidates misrepresented information to employers which is a jump from 10.29% in 2016. The major areas where resume fraud were detected were in the areas of employment verification address verification, reference check and education. The maximum resume fraud that necessitated resume verification was faced by the Financial Services industry, at 24.99 %. This was followed by the Telecom industry.


Why is a resume check a must while hiring?

Bad hires can cost billions of dollars in revenue for companies annually. The rates of theft, malpractice, and other crimes can lead to a loss of productivity as well as the reputation of the organization. In the U.S., losses pertaining to embezzlement at the workplace lead to a loss of $4 billion annually. Close to 75% of workers stole repeatedly from the workplace according to the U.S. Department of Commerce figures. More than 30% of businesses, according to data, fail because of bad hires.

Resume verification is the only way to avoid detrimental consequences of bad hires. With Resume verification, one can ensure that what is stated in their resume and what information produced is consistent and true. Exaggerated claims are identified and corrective actions can be ensured. As per Society for Human Resource Management, a bad hire translates to costs as much as five times the salary of the wrong candidate. Particularly when hiring key executives, great caution with resume verification is critical. Partnering with professional resume verification services providers such as AuthBridge is an ideal solution to overcome resume fraud-related challenges.


What type of gaps exist in what is stated in resume and what is the reality

In India, 15.21% candidates faked resumes in 2017. The infographic below summarises the check level discrepancies in resumes. Employment records were the most manipulated.


Know who you hiring via different checks

Comprehensive resume verification such as the ones done by AuthBridge can include various checks such as employment verification, education verification, address verification, identity checks, criminal records and so on. Use of APIs, online databases and automation is driving efficiency in turnaround time and effectiveness of reporting. With real-time results, background checks can be conducted on the fly-anytime, anywhere. Trust can now be built in real-time, this is called TrustOnDemand.

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The new technological advances have helped HR professionals optimise resume verification processes to yield reliable and accurate results.

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