Reducing ‘Time to Build Trust’-Essence to being Preferred by EMPLOYEES & CUSTOMERS

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The Gig Economy Can Create Up to 90 Million Jobs in India Even Post-Pandemic-1

Contractual staff opportunities are on the rise with flourishing on-demand businesses. Automation has furthered this growth agenda by enabling better service levels and enhanced on-boarding. Customer/Employee experience is a key element in the acquisition process. Be it quick loan disbursements, quick issuance of SIM cards; better, streamlined processes and quicker TAT leads to an enhanced customer experience! In fact, quick, reliable services have become one of the top preference criteria in the customer decision making process today.

Similarly, for the HR fraternity, Employee is the customer. Enhanced On-boarding experience is a key element for the Talent Acquisition function. A major element affecting the experience in this journey is the ‘Time to Build Trust’. Be it your employees or contractual staff, they are our brand ambassadors and impact your reputation in the market. This has a direct bearing on your company’s balance sheet. With flourished hiring, especially in high growth industries like On-Demand sector, time to Building Trust needs to be reduced. Background Verification is the key enabler in establishing trust.

By verifying an individual’s identity, profile and reputation, background verification brings transparency and provides insights into an individual as a person. Advent of technology and increased focus on customer delight has led to the expectation of background screening processes to be quicker, more effective and more accurate. Rather, time to building trust is expected to become instant. Traditionally, building trust has been implicit and not possible in real time. And the results have been surprising! Insider threats and frauds from employees across all levels have been found to rise. 10.29% discrepancy was reported across all cases screened by AuthBridge in FY 2016.

Such incidents could have been addressed with instant verifications. And who’s the game changer? It’s TrustOnDemand. With TrustOnDemand, one can verify the three key ingredients to establish trust on an individual/ business entity – Identity, Profile and Reputation. This is now possible with introduction of Aadhaar, tech-enabled platforms, advanced APIs, sophisticated algorithms, machine learning and concepts of the new world. Automated platforms today ensure you of high quality, quick, accurate background check results to help you bridge the trust deficit and solve your background verification challenges. For example, leveraging Aadhaar Data, the world’s largest biometric database, instant identity checks can be performed on your employees, interviewees, visitors, vendors, delivery boy, driver, maid, employee or any individual.

Similarly, eKYC can be used to manage visitors at offices/home and instant reputation checks can be conducted to reveal any criminal records by searching through courts record databases from across the country. TrustOnDemand infrastructure enables you to make informed decisions on the fly- anytime, anywhere. This improves the turn-around time for hiring by enabling the hiring manager to evaluate the candidate’s credentials quickly while the HR is rest assured of one’s reputation and criminal background. TrustOnDemand ensures a secure workplace/ interacting atmosphere around you while delivering a smooth on-boarding experience. To know more, schedule an appointment with our expert today.

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