TrustOnDemand™: The Game Changer for Hiring & On-boarding

TrustOnDemand™_ The Game Changer for Hiring & On-boarding

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With the world getting pervasively digital, interactions and collaborations for business purposes and otherwise are on an exponential rise! On-demand services have further transformed the business landscape. In such a complex network, individuals and businesses trust one another blindly! In day to day life, you depend on people you don’t know well to work for you, to drive you around, to offer you services etc.

Traditionally, building trust has been implicit and not possible in real time. And the results have been surprising! Insider threats and frauds from employees across all levels have been found to rise. 10.29% discrepancy was reported across all cases screened by AuthBridge in FY 2016.Similarly, identity theft accounted for 77% of all detected credit frauds in India in 2016. Cases of rape and criminal activities by delivery boys, drivers and others are becoming a daily affair! Such incidents could have been addressed with Instant Identity verifications. Hiring gets delayed and on-boarding experiences see negative impact due to increased response time. Absence of such instant solutions have led to barely 6% of current demand being addressed in the market. Today, with technology and creation of authentic databases, bridging the trust deficit gap is possible!

And who’s the game changer? It’s TrustOnDemand™ .

With TrustOnDemand™ , one can verify the three key ingredients to establish trust on an individual/ business entity Identity, Profile and Reputation. Powered by technology, advanced search algorithms, APIs and distributed authentic databases, TrustOnDemand™ mitigates risks and assures you a safe environment. For example, leveraging Aadhaar Data, the world’s largest biometric database, instant identity checks can be performed on your employees, interviewees, visitors, vendors, delivery boy, driver, maid, employee or any individual.

Ekyc can be used to manage visitors at; offices/home and instant reputation checks can be conducted to reveal any criminal records by searching through courts record databases from across the country. TrustOnDemand™ infrastructure enables you to make informed decisions on the fly- anytime, anywhere. This improves the turn-around time for hiring by enabling the hiring manager evaluate the candidate’s credentials quickly while the HR is rest assured of one’s reputation and criminal background. TrustOnDemand™ ensures a secure workplace/ interacting atmosphere around you while delivering a smooth on-boarding experience.

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