Monitoring forged documents in employment made quick & easy

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Monitoring forged documents in employment made quick & easy

“Four arrested for forging documents for a job at Bombay Engineer Group, an army establishment”, reports a recent Times of India article. A clerk with the BEG, came across the documents submitted by the suspects and realized that the documents had been forged. This is not the first. A news related to the army establishment had been reported earlier too. In the year 2014, 18 candidates were caught with fake documents at Army recruitment. It is appalling to see the youth resorting to wrong means to beat competition and land a job.

How can employers address this flaw?

The increasing number of incidents of candidates producing fake documents signal the need for a thorough scrutiny. As it is seen in the above instance, taking a candidate’s claims on the face value can prove costly to an organization.

Therefore, it is in the best interests of any organization to verify the credentials of potential candidates. With a robust background verification process in place, companies would be able to verify a candidate’s past antecedents as well as ensure full validation of documents produced.

The ever-evolving background verification has grown more sensitive to the varying needs of different organizations. From the very identity of the candidate to his educational qualifications, place of residence, experience with past employers, – a candidate needs to be scanned on various parameters.

Additional checks like credit check, reputation and integrity should also be screened in accordance with the role being offered. With technology advancement, the periphery of background verifiers has grown. These checks can now be carried out on records from across the globe. A gamut of checks can register discrepancies and raise appropriate flags about your potential hires, thereby, helping you make the right hiring decisions.

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