The Importance of Education Verification to Mitigate the Risk of Wrong Hiring

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One of the requirements of a resume is to inform a potential employer of the candidate’s educational qualifications. The information is important because it helps the employer know if the candidate has the right credentials for the job. But, can we always take a resume at face value? With competition for good jobs being so high, it is not uncommon for desperate candidates to display false information about degrees that they don’t actually possess. In fact, entire scams have developed around the fake degree racket with individuals, for a small price, being able to buy certificates for courses they never actually took. As per an article in the Times of India published a few months ago, in Hyderabad alone there are three to four reported cases a month of fake certificates being produced. There have been far too many incidents where candidates have provided false education credentials, reinforcing the need for education verification of candidates.


Why companies need to conduct an Employees Education Check

As stated earlier, it is not hard for employment candidates to produce fake certificates. If companies go by these certificates and don’t conduct education verification checks, they are putting themselves at risk. There are several reasons why a candidate could produce fake certificates and fail an education check. Ranging from less to more serious, these include: – Has tried but been unsuccessful in passing exams. – Desperate to get a job. – Has a criminal record and wants to hide actual identity. – Is actively trying to scam the company/ fellow employees/ customers. All of these reasons make a candidate less than ideal for hiring. An education check will help identify these candidates who do not meet the company’s standards. On the other hand, hiring an employee without an education check could prove disastrous for a business.


How can Education Verification help mitigate risks?

Another article in First Post states how 4,000 students of an Indira Gandhi National Open University center, received fake certificates without attending class or giving any exams. With the menace so rampant it is imperative that all companies conduct employee education checks. When you do an employees education check, you get to verify the following: – If the institute that the certificate is from actually exists. – If the institute has been linked to a fake degree scam in the past. – If the candidate was enrolled with the institute that is stated on the resume. – If the candidate is qualified for the applied job. – If the candidates have the right knowledge and skills for the job. Any discrepancies that arise during an education verification of a potential candidate can prompt further digging into that person’s past. If the person is found to have a criminal past or has assumed a false identity, then companies can reject that applicant. Rejecting an applicant with a dubious resume right at the start can save the company a lot of time, money, embarrassment and possibly even lawsuits. An education check is both useful and necessary.


AuthBridge for Employees Education Check

AuthBridge conducts education background checks for companies. When you decide to outsource the education verification services to AuthBridge, you can save time and effort. With all the required infrastructure in place, outsourcing education checks to AuthBridge can prove to be cost-effective for organizations. With our advanced service capability, we can conduct education verification of employees in a short amount of time giving you the relevant and reliable data that you require to make the right hiring decisions.


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