iBRIDGE 2.0: Top 10 Features You Need To Know For Seamless Employee Onboarding

iBRIDGE 2.0 Top 10 Features You Need To Know For Seamless Employee Onboarding

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Focusing on ‘candidate onboarding experience’ is a cardinal rule for organizations these days. The way new hires perceive your organization at the initial stages can have a lasting impact on profitability, efficiency, ROI, organization culture, and much more. The same has been a driving force behind organizations joining the bandwagon of integrating cutting-edge onboarding and verification technologies to enable positive employee experience right from the start. 

Setting up a seamless onboarding process and automating verification journeys not only make new hires start on the right foot but also saves time, which means HR teams can focus on personalization during and before onboarding and offer human connection where desirable. Moreover, a robust verification and onboarding platform help organizations get better transparency and trust to retain great talent.

To set a seal on the positive candidate experience right from the start, we have introduced the new and improved version of iBRIDGE, our flagship employee onboarding and background check platform launched in 2019.

All you need to know about iBRIDGE 2.0!

iBRIDGE 2.0 is the next-gen background verification platform that will enable companies with seamless candidate onboarding and verification experiences for new-age talent. With a refreshed product, AuthBridge – India’s largest authentication company, will help HRs and key decision makers to activate candidate verifications in seconds and deep dive into a candidate’s documentation status with a single click.

Whether you want to activate candidate verifications in seconds, keep tabs on the documentation status with a single click, or get visibility of verification status, iBRIDGE 2.0 is all you need to create an enhanced and hassle-free onboarding experience for the new-age talent.

Powering seamless onboarding and verification experience both for HRs and candidates with iBRIDGE 2.0

  • Single view of Candidate: The new and improved version of iBRIDGE comprises a tab switcher feature that lets candidates quickly switch to other tabs, navigate the different sections/tabs of the page, and complete their onboarding journeys at their convenience. Candidates can switch tabs for the prior discovery of the information required in other sections without disturbing the current stage within each tab. A flexible and intuitive interface for document collection will ensure faster onboarding and a positive candidate experience right from the start. As candidates have to fill in the minimal and targeted inputs, this will reduce the dropout rates and TAT due to complexity.

In addition to this, there is a candidate journey progress bar feature to give a clear delineation to candidates of how close they are to completing the onboarding process.

  • Flexible e-signature authorizations: iBRIDGE 2.0 offers multiple authorization signature forms which translate to increased convenience and ease of authorizations for the candidates. Candidates can choose from the available options – name type, sign and upload, draw, and complete the signing process smoothly.
  • Real-time credit history checks: Lengthy credit history checks are one of the strong reasons for onboarding delays and dropouts. With iBRIDGE 2.0, HRs can conduct real-time credit history checks and reduce the time to check the credit history with an automated workflow. Our robust and advanced API helps you generate credit history reports in a few clicks.
  • Largest proprietary database:  Data insufficiency is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to candidate verification and onboarding as it results in increased TAT due to additional time spent feeding data. Our largest proprietary database helps in resolving information insufficiency with a 95% hit rate and facilitates quick journey completion. 
  • Instant address verification: In the usual scenario, a DAV (Digital Address Verification) link is shared after the journey is completed. But with iBRIDGE 2.0., your candidates will be able to perform DAV instantly with our industry-exclusive QR scan-enabled verifications. A QR code will open on the side tab that candidates can scan to access the DAV page instantly, while simultaneously completing their onboarding process. The addition of this new feature in iBRIDGE 2.0 will bring a significant reduction in time and drop-off rate in the DAV journeys.

  • NID checks selection as per your requirement: Now you do not have to worry about NID verification costing as the new version allows you to select NID check from the dropdowns as per your hiring requirement. Select from over five NIDs to help candidates complete verification with ease. 

  • Real-time visibility: Real-time dashboards and actionable insights for complete visibility of candidates’ verification status on one screen. With customisable alerts and notifications, you can track insufficiencies and take action on the go. 
  • Explainer videos and self-service FAQs: Enable hassle-free verifications with video-guided candidate document collection and management. This saves your onboarding time by up to 90% making it faster for your candidates to come on board. In addition to this, the self-service FAQs will resolve 90% of candidate verification-related queries in real-time and offer round-the-clock support. Both these new features in iBRIDGE2.0 will ensure improved candidate experience, faster resolution times, and cost reduction.
  • Desktop and mobile-friendly: The candidate verification platform is now both desktop and mobile-friendly. This simple yet valuable feature will reduce candidate dropout rates which will be able to operate the platform and seamlessly complete the verification process across devices, without being annoyed or inconvenienced.
  • Customisable and integrable: Create all-new journeys with plug-in plug-out features as per your industry-specific requirements or simply integrate APIs in your existing processes. It is available on the web, and mobile and can be integrated with any HRMS/ATS.

Our 17+ years of domain expertise is one of our strongest suits, and with the recent launch of this next-gen verification platform, we aim to prioritize candidate and HR experience and deliver delight with minimal hassle and maximum ROI. We have been India’s largest background verification company for 17 years; but the end-to-end-digital transformation in the past couple of years has led us to become the largest authentication and onboarding tech company, beyond just the verification ecosystem.

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