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Having a robust, intuitive, and customisable employee onboarding platform is a prerequisite in today’s age for hiring ‘new age talent’ and ensuring a ‘great recruiting experience’. With the all-new and refreshed product iBRIDGE 2.0, our next-generation background verification platform, we intend to streamline the hiring challenges in today’s processes and ensure seamless candidate onboarding.


From activating candidate verifications in seconds to keeping tabs on the documentation status with a single click to getting custom verification reports, iBRIDGE 2.0 is all you need for an enhanced and hassle-free onboarding experience. 


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We recently added the latest upgradation in the reporting module to offload the HR team’s administrative burden with multiple customization capabilities, deep dive into every verification progress status, and make effective decisions.

iBRIDGE 2.0 Reporting Module – What’s New?

In this new reporting module, HR teams get multiple trackers in the ‘BGV Reports’ ‘Operational Report’ tabs. There is an additional tab for ‘Custom Reports’ in the platform so that clients can get customized reports to track the progress bar of the cases as per their convenience and verification requirements.


  • Operational Reports: In operational reports, you can keep tabs on the pending reports that have not been migrated to the BRIDGE due to multiple reasons (mentioned below). You just need to select the report type to download or schedule the report as per your requirement.


  • Pending Forms: When the case is initiated but pending at the candidate’s end
  • Login Expired: Candidate login expired
  • Sign-Off Pending Case: The background verification checks have been completed and final sign-off is awaited from the recruitment team 


  • BGV Reports: Customize the reporting module to track what you want. Just need to select the report type to download or schedule the report as per your requirement. Below is the list of few of the trackers:


  • Checkwise Reports: Get checkwise ‘status’ reports for all cases
  • Case Summary Reports: Fetch case summary details for all the submitted cases
  • Work-in-Progress Report: Fetch all the ‘work-in-progress’ cases and checkwise reports of your candidates
  • Insuff Report: Report for all the raised verification insufficiencies 
  • Insuff Calling Reports: Get detailed reports against the insufficient calling
  • Non-Green Tracker: Non-green tracker for closed cases
  • Cost Approval: Get a detailed report on all cost approval cases
  • On-hold case reports: Get a detailed overview of all the cases that are on-hold
  • CS Hub On Hold Insuff Reports: Get a detailed report on CS Hub On Hold Insuff


  • Custom Reports: With iBRIDGE 2.0, you will get a new tab ‘Custom Reports’ so that you can enjoy the flexibility of customized reports and track what matters without the chaos of unnecessary parameters. Based on the metrics you want to monitor, you can receive and send the reports that make it easier to analyse data and identify patterns and anomalies that may be missed with standard reports. 


This all-new and exclusive feature will provide you with a more personalized, accurate, and actionable view of the data, which can lead to better decisions and faster onboarding.

‘Custom reports’ to Track What’s Important for You


  • Improved decision-making: More detailed and relevant information based on the key metrics you want to track, leading to informed and effective decision-making.
  • Increased efficiency: Custom reports can be automated and streamlined, reducing the time and effort to corroborate and analyze data.
  • Better communication: Custom reports help you present data in a way that is easy to understand and share with others, which means improved communication and collaboration within an organization.


Apart from pre-integrated report templates for faster processing and complete visibility of verification cases, you can set up reports to run daily, weekly, or monthly and send the results automatically to all stakeholders. 


Stay updated on the progress of each verification case and filter out the information by choosing from the pre-built report templates or simply customizing reports as per the requirement and relevancy.


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iBRIDGE 2.0 is a new and improved version of iBRIDGE, AuthBridge’s flagship employee onboarding and background check platform launched by the company in 2019. It is the next-gen background verification platform that will enable companies with seamless candidate onboarding and verification experiences for candidates.


For more information, contact us at sales@authbridge.com

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