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How to check Dual Employment and Employee Moonlighting

Aug 30, 2022

There’s been a gigantic 4X jump in the number of investigations since 2019 where employees were found engaging in dual employment at the same time. Dual employment also known as moonlighting is about pursuing more than one job at a time. Employees have been found working in multiple roles with two organisations simultaneously, causing risks and concerns around data security, confidentiality, and revenue losses. In the new world of work, professional two-timing a.k.a employee moonlighting is on the rise. This spike is a result of most employees working from home during the COVID pandemic and continuing with a hybrid model later. 

The moonlighting employees lead double lives under the work from home cover. An ever-growing need to reverify employees using innovative authentication technology is inevitable.

How AuthBridge helped a client to check dual employment?

Very recently, an IT giant hiring gig workers approached us for another background verification of its existing workers. Due to bulk employment of workers with the client, managing and tracking their manpower was error-prone, leading to several labour law non-compliances going unidentified. Our dual employment check solution helped here. While running another round of background checks, we instantly detected anomalies of the same employees working in two organisations at the same time, which is also considered dual employment. 

What are the consequences of dual employment?

  1. Employees using the same laptop for moonlighting, providing same bank account for freelancing money
  2. Many junior employees are taking up freelancing without relevant skillsets
  3. Employees sharing sensitive data with rivals
  4. Compromise in quality of work

AuthBridge Advantage: AI-Powered Dual Employment Check

At AuthBridge, we try to navigate through complex moonlighting challenges to build the right mix of strategy and execution and tackle dual employment issues. We have a robust, AI backed solution aimed at making the verification process simple and seamless for our clients and their HR team. 

  1. End-to-end tech platform to ensure easy workflows and reduced data losses 
  2. Use of efficient system for verification process in a faster turnaround time (TAT)
  3. Use of new-age technology to reduce manual efforts and costs

Our Methodology – Dual Employment Check via EPFO UAN

Our dual employment check via UAN offers a simple, effective, and non-intrusive way of verifying employment records of an existing employee. Our approach to Dual Employment Check involves an efficient methodology that yields accurate results in the fastest turnaround time.  

AuthBridge’s tech-enabled process is data-driven and accurate. In every sector, employees get the benefits of Provident Fund and Employer’s Provident Fund. Using the UAN number, ex-employer details are obtained, and verifications get initiated and closed as per the information provided there. After receiving the UAN numbers from the client, we verify that there is no other employment in the current tenure of the client and if there is any dual employment, the case is flagged.

Below are the employment details looked up as a part of our UAN verification process:
– Candidate Name
– Father’s/Husband’s name
– Name of Organization
– Date of Joining (DOJ)
– Date of Exit (DOE)

AuthBridge’s Technology: Key Benefits

Get faster, contactless verification with benefits like:

  1. Simple dashboard & API integrations with existing workflows
  2. Real time background checks, saving unproductive time
  3. Customisable workflows and processes as per client and industry
  4. Cost efficient, database driven solutions 
  5. Technology driven processes, with no manual intervention
  6. Digital data security as per industry compliances 
  7. Comprehensive reports for quick hiring decisions 

With 16+ years of experience in employee background screening and onboarding solutions. We’ve been building trust for a wide spectrum of clients including Fortune 500 companies. We consistently work to realise our vision of creating a digital trust ecosystem with the help of agile, robust proprietary databases, APIs, etc.

AuthBridge is one of the largest Background Verification Companies in India. To know more about our moonlighting check and other solutions, email us at or fill up your details on our contact us page.