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Employee Moonlighting/Dual Employment Check

Employees engaged in dual employment also known as ‘employee moonlighting’ is a mounting concern for employers as it can pose a substantial threat to data security, confidentiality, revenue, and the company’s culture. It is on the upswing in the ‘new world of work’ as employees are working remotely or adopting a hybrid work model. A robust background verification process can ensure that the employees you are hiring are not engaged in multiple jobs with two or more organizations.

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With 16+ years of experience in employee verification solutions, we are the largest identity and authentication partner in India, with scalable global capabilities. Our clientele includes Fortune 500 companies who trust that our technology can transform their hiring operations.


iBridge™ is a web platform that lets you automate your onboarding processes end-to-end with the fastest turnaround time. You can customise the workflows, plug-in or plug-out components that are specific to your organisation and create a seamless, paperless onboarding experience.

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Footprints™ is our industry-first, digital address verification product built on optical character recognition (OCR), facial recognition and liveness detection technologies that can help you verify the addresses of your employees, customers, or business partners in remote locations.

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Workattest™ is our web platform that completely automates ex-employment verification for employees across industries. It is built on intelligent algorithms enabling accurate searches and comes with data analytics that offer insights on attrition rates.

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Vault™ is our proprietary database of negative and criminal records. It leverages the power of AI to search for various sets of permutations and combinations of that name and address against datasets from 3500+ courts and 200+ million records.

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Student Services Bureau

Student Services Bureau (SSB) is an automated data security compliant verification process for students and educational institutes. SSB leverages the power of deep search algorithms, artificial intelligence and a comprehensive database built by collaborating with India’s colleges and universities.

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Key Checks for Employee Moonlighting

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Basic Check via UAN

Check whether there are any overlapping contributions to the EPF account of any permanent employee during a specified tenure.

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Advanced Check via Form 26AS

Check for tax deductions on behalf of contractuals/freelance employees using Form 26AS as their records might not be available on the UAN portal in the absence of any PF deductions.

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FAQs for the ever curious

  • What is employee moonlighting?

    Employee Moonlighting, also known as dual employment, is when an employee has more than one source of recurring income - be it a permanent, contractual or freelance gig - during the same duration. It is generally practiced discreetly, without the employer’s knowledge.

  • Why should an employer prevent moonlighting?

    An employer should take preventive actions against moonlighting to reduce the risk of losing business secrecy and revenue, eliminate data breaches, and maintain a positive work culture in the workplace.

  • How AuthBridge helped a client to check dual employment?

    AuthBridge’s dual employment check solution helps in instantly detecting anomalies of the same employees working in two organizations at the same time.

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