How to tackle CV Fraud?

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How to tackle CV Fraud_

Pressure of hiring excessive workers within a short period of time may open doors for resume fraud and manipulation.

The revelation of CV fraud cases highlights the importance of conducting background screening to ensure applicants’ credentials are actually in line with the words on a resume or CV. The most common form of résumé fraud deals with employment related information, be it forging work experience, the tenure with a company, the job titles, responsibilities or references. With the rising instances of resume fraud hitting the headlines every now and then, companies are slowly waking up to this menace. For employers unfamiliar with background screening, stories of fraud should serve as a driving reason to begin considering the benefits associated with developing a screening program.

Indian outsourcing industry body NASSCOM set up a National Skills Registry with over 100 companies as members to combat resume fraud. Yet there are many CV cheats which continue to reap benefits of such fraud. To quote a recent instance, a software exporter based in Bangalore fired 25 employees after an internal investigation revealed lies on their CVs.

The company filed police complaints against the employees as well as the hiring agencies which helped the employees provide false certificates and letters of previous employment. 30 agencies were exposed, 10 of which were reported to the police and another 20 have been blacklisted. As no one validates a candidate’s resume with the actual information filled during joining formalities, the first step to tackling resume fraud is comparing the resume with the information filled in your company’s form. The subsequent steps include conducting a thorough background check on candidate’s education, employment, identity and various other aspects. This can be followed up with reference checks.

Professional background screening providers can leverage their expertise and network to deliver quick and accurate results and help you tackle fraud and establish safety at workplace. To know more, schedule an appointment with our expert today.

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