How is Senior Level Hiring Different from Routine Hiring?

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Five Must Do’s to Hire the Right Leaders

Senior executives transition to strategy development from operational levels. These leaders are responsible for providing direction by defining the mission and vision of the organisation. Besides, they are also expected to be accountable for financial growth, team coordination, employee engagement and brand image. Senior executives are also involved in building and sustaining the company culture while integrating innovation into the strategy.

According to a Manchester Consulting study, within eighteen months of recruitment, four out of ten leaders fail. Drake Beam Morin, Inc. estimates that 60 percent of companies across the globe have had to replace their CEO since appointing them. A majority of companies expressed in a survey that they were not confident about their recruiting strategies for leadership positions.

Senior leaders are responsible for formulating and executing smart strategies that help the companies thrive in the highly competitive business scenario. Recruiting the right leaders is the top priority for management that needs a different approach as compared to hiring mid-level managers or juniors.


Why choose AuthBridge for executive screening?

Leading executive screening provider AuthBridge provides expert and discreet solutions with AuthLead™, which is a specialized and exhaustive leadership due diligence solution. Going beyond the usual checks, AuthLead™ involves in-depth scanning of professional skills, gathering of industry perception and feedback from references. AuthLead™ can successfully validate the facts presented in the resume through multiple checks on media and web repositories.

AuthLead™ is a technology-enabled solution that helps in quick and real-time gathering of all-around perceptions through interviews with vendors, superiors, peers and subordinates of the candidate. It can also effectively identify red flags if any with respect to the candidate’s track record, integrity or ethical practices. AuthLead™ not only speeds up the process of executive screening, but also succeeds in maintaining utmost confidentiality and ensures timely disposal of collected data.


Why should you verify agents before onboarding?

IRDA mandates the due diligence of a prospective agent/ PoS to ensure a fraud-free work environment for the companies. Mis-selling and premium pocketing can create negative sentiments towards the industry, among its customers who might not understand the product features and importance.

Real-time verifications become more than the need of the hour in such cases, for not only combating agent frauds but also ensuring customer’s trust and streamlined revenue. The faster the onboarding process, the faster agents can be on the field, pushing new business and gaining new business for your company.


How AuthBridge automates the agent onboarding?

The technical training for a POS agent takes around 15 hours and for an insurance agent a minimum of 100 hrs. The ideal manual verification and onboarding can take more than the training time. Hence, a more automated and real-time verification process can really make a difference.


AuthBridge’s real-time agent onboarding solutioncan power your agent onboarding with self-service and real-time verifications. It can help increase agent retention and satisfaction by almost 80%. Our digital PAN and Aadhaar verifications can help to identify the candidate in a couple of minutes.

Our agent verification APIs can ascertain that the applicant does not hold agency appointments for more than one life insurer, one general insurer, one health insurer, and is not in the centralized list of blacklisted agents. For a PoS, automated verification of agent’s data availability on IRDA or IIB (Insurance Information Bureau) via PAN/Aadhaar nos., can be used to ensure that the PoS is not working with any other agency except where they have currently applied.

Moreover, our proprietary educational databases can help to verify the educational qualification of an individual accurately, with a TAT of a few minutes. Our AI-powered face match algorithms and advanced OCR based data extracted and validation can improve the application filling efficiency, thus smoothening the journey.

Contact us to know more about how we can streamline Agent/PoS onboarding journey.

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