Fraud on a rise: Gender gap increasingly diminishing

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Fraud on a rise_ Gender gap increasingly diminishing

A male candidate is more likely to misrepresent facts compared to females, substantiates one recent AuthBridge study. This is the order consistently for the last three financial years [Source: Annual Trend Report 2017 by AuthBridge].

This is an established fact in itself but when looked at from another perspective, the men women disparity is growing to disappear. This is quite a revelation about the misrepresentation pattern of employees in the organizations across industries. Previously, men had been dominating the crime statistics but now even women are catching up well.

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Some important data points: 12.07% of the employment information is misrepresented by males while just 10.15% by females followed by submitting fakes addresses at 6.22% by males while a mere 5.22% by females.

Does the gender difference impact the employee fraud %?

Not anymore in today’s era. The diminishing gender gap in discrepancies not only talks about increased women hiring but also indicates changing work culture and employer preferences. More women employees are hired for responsible positions basis their talent and qualifications and not the gender per se. Not just that many jobs that operate on multiple shifts are also providing appropriate women safety and support. The changing hiring number of women in every sphere of business has led to the disappearing gender gap in employee fraud %.

What can HR possibly do to curb discrepancies and gender discrimination?

HR across the board need employers to take up workplace risks more seriously and chalk out a concrete plan of action for employee screening services. It’s very important to create a solid background verification plan for the organization which are customized according to the position’s risk profile and formulation of strict policies related to hiring.

Structured background verification programs eliminate bias from the hiring cycle by treating all incoming employees at par. Checks like ID verification & criminal history check must be conducted to know the ‘real side’ of the candidate irrespective of the gender. Organisations need to keep upgrading their background screening programmes with changing dynamics within the workplace setting and eliminate any kind of biases at the time of hiring.

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