Are you using APIs for Background Verification?

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Tech-enabled background checks are transforming the way hiring and on-boarding is performed across industries. HR is increasingly adopting HR Technology to lead business growth needs across organisations.

New-age products & screening services ride on an array of capabilities assimilated from various services providers. Powered by technology, all these platforms leverage digital APIs to deliver seamless customer experience. The experience churned from filling the form through LinkedIn for e.g. makes everything so simple and fast, right? This is exactly how background screening APIs help add value, expediting the process in general.

Advanced APIs are key enablers to creating connected systems that deliver quick, accurate results in shortest possible time. Conductiong background checks via API integration increases the overall efficiency and productivity in organisations- leading to development of magical solutions that communicate seamlessly. Organisations are eyeing at growth like never before! In the efforts to build a robust “Trust” infrastructure (Read more about Trust Infrastructure) , there was a dire need to develop a set of robust integration-ready APIs, for quick verification and employee / customer experience.
In the simplest terms, APIs are how applications talk to each other. APIs are great time savers and help build capabilities in any product / service quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

For example, when you search for nearby restaurants on the Zomato app for Android, it will plot their locations on Google Maps instead of creating its own maps. Or when we login to different cab aggregators apps, they offer us the choice to create new logins or replicate information from the existing social media platforms.

The API management platform market is becoming increasingly crowded and competitive, with many players looking for the quickest options for third world solutions. Using APIs, Background Screening Processes in your organisation can be made smoother like never before. You can now raise cases directly and get results/ track progress in real time without manual intervention and paper work!

Intelligent API based platforms can deliver quick background screening results in a very convenient way. By integrating them with HRMS, intelligent verification results can help in quick hiring and on-boarding candidates and customers.

Key Benefits of using APIs

1. Simplifies Background Verification eliminating human intervention

2. Get results in Real-time

3. No Paper work required- Saves efforts

4. Save costs on manpower and logistics

5. Enhanced Operational Efficiency by eliminating manual errors

APIs are increasingly enabling organisations by automating the background verification process and making it fast and accurate. A lot many industry standard background checks can now be conducted in a matter of minutes- solving deep pain points for our HR folks!

The following checks can now be accomplished using APIs at the blink of an eye by leading background verification companies-


For Background Verification of Individuals

  • Identity Checks (PAN, Aadhaar, Voter ID, Driving License, Passport)
  • Criminal Litigation Searches (Across all District, High Courts and Supreme Court)
  • Utility Bills Verification (Gas, Electricity, Water & Phone Bills)
  • Property Tax Verification


For Background Verification of Businesses

  •  Company Basics Verification
  • Director Information Verification
  • MNREGA Card Verification
  •  ESIC No. Verification
  • IEC Check

Using advanced APIs, delivering instant eKYC services become easy. This can be coupled with multiple other background checks like address and criminal litigation checks which add another layer of safety and risk mitigation for the businesses.

APIs can help streamline your business, so don’t miss out on this useful information. Intelligent use of APIs and technology can deliver seamless experience to your customers/employees while making the process hassle free for HR/operations/on-boarding teams.

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