Pre-issuance Verification Call (PIVC)

Unassisted policy consent verification to eliminate policy-related disputes between customers and insurance companies

Trusted by 2,000+ companies

Overcoming the Challenges of Pre-issuance Verification Call Process

Mitigate the challenges of traditional PIVC with

Identity theft

No more scheduling conflicts

Automated PIVC to empower the customer to complete the verification at their convenience

Huge Productivity

Reduce TAT to issue a policy

Simplify the policy issuance process to make it fast, efficient and delightful for the customers

Verify at Scale

Reduce manpower & operational costs

Save on high personnel and logistics costs with remote PIVC to improve customer experience


Prevent Legal Disputes

Maintain secure audit trails to avoid legal conflicts and be compliant

The Process of PIVC

Transforming the Pre-issuance Verification Call Process with AuthBridge

Build your PIVC journey – customize, personalize and prioritise

Step 1


Customer accesses link, uploads required documents & provides permissions

Step 2


Liveness, face and ID match to verify

Step 3


The customer validated the policy information by giving visual and audio consent

Step 4


Customer consent is validated through speech-to-text and speech-match. Report sent for audit trail.

AuthBridge’s PIVC Solution

Digitizing the PIVC Journeys

Video verification system for agents and employees to conduct a digital video verification during policy purchase.


Multi-channel PIVC Initiation

Enjoy the flexibility to initiate the pre-issuance verification call via multiple channels. Send the link to the customers via SMS, WhatsApp or email to get on the call, upload their documents and give their consent – at their convenient time. Streamline the process further by initiating the PIVC for a bulk of customers or do it on a case-to-case basis.




PIVC multi channel


Customizable Data Collection Journey

Design your PIVC journey to plug into your existing onboarding process. Make it easy and efficient for your customers to upload their NID and other documents while browsing through the policy details with a simple and clean user interface.





Real-time Customer Verification

Instantly verify the identity of a customer with a face match and liveness check. Capture the image while the customer is on the call and run an instant face match against their NID documents. Protect against identity spoofs and deep fakes while being compliant with KYC & AML mandates.


Face match

Liveness Check



On-Call Policy Detail Check and Consent Capture

Prevent misselling of policies by getting the customer’s consent. Show clear & concise policy details and documents to the customer on the call and capture their audio and visual consent there and then. The easy-to-use interface with a customizable policy detail format provides a seamless and pleasant customer experience.

Audio-based consent

Video-based consent

Secure audit trail


Customer Consent Validation

Once the customer consent has been collected, it’s time to verify the same. Perform automated validation with text match between the customer’s response with the desired response to identify any discrepancies. Empower your stakeholders with speech match and consent capture recordings to make informed decisions.

Text match

Speech match

Automated validation

email-verification2 api

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