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Digital KYC Solution for Customer Onboarding and Verification

Digitize your customer onboarding journey with DKYC solution

Assisted & Self Service Journeys

Real-time Audits and Dashboards

KYC/AML Regulatory Compliance

Trusted by 2000+ Enterprises across 140+ Countries

Truly Digital Solution in Every Sense

Realtime Identity

  • Selfie backed Liveness Check
  • Face Match Score against NIDs
  • Geo-coding based digital address verification

Hassle Free Integrations

  • Integrable with LOS/LMS/CRMS
  • API and SDK based integrations
  • API documentation & developer support

Secure and Compliant Processes

  • Take prior Consent of customer
  • Masking of Sensitive Data
  • Electronic signatures with audit trails

Digital KYC Verification for Seamless Onboarding Experience


Elevate your Customer Verification and Onboarding with Paperless eKYC

Our Mandate with the Clients

Customer Authentication

Customer re-verification


New user Registration

Profiling high-risk transactions

Resources for Further Reading


Smart and Intelligent KYC Solutions: The Need of the Hour for Employers

Know Your Customer (KYC) is the “process of a business identifying and verifying the identity of its clients”.

Demystifying Different Types of KYC for Financial Institutions

KYC or Know Your Customer / Know Your Client is a widely used process in the Financial services sector.

Everything you need to know about e-KYC

Gone are the days when customer identification and verification used to happen through physical documentation, such as a passport or driving license.

The AuthBridge Advantage

AI-Powered Verification Checks

AI-Powered Verification Checks


Industry Leading Turnaround Time


Built for Hiring at Scale

Comprehensive Solution with Manual Verification Layer

Comprehensive Solution with Manual Verification Layer

The Platform for All Your Authenticating Needs


Digital KYC is an online KYC process for non-KYC-compliant customers. You can complete KYC compliance online by filling out an online KYC form. You can also complete digital KYC via a Video-Based Customer Identification process. Completing digital KYC allows you to easily apply for loans and open an online bank account.
e-KYC has a validity of 1 year before which full-KYC needs to be completed by the customer to continue services. Cash or check funding limits may apply, moreover no chequebooks are provided. Video-KYC or full-KYC is a digital replica of the physical KYC process.
Liveness detection ensures no static picture or picture of a picture is submitted. It is a reliable anti-spoofing solution against identity fraud.
We follow stringent data privacy and security standards ensuring compliance with ISO 9001:2015 certified for quality and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant for information security.
  • Regular VA – quarterly, PT activities – annually
  • Access controlled (SOD framework) – need to know basis
  • GDPR – controls have been implemented
The documents required for digital KYC may vary depending on the country and the regulatory requirements. Generally, customers must provide their government-issued identity documents, such as a passport or driver’s license, and proof of address, such as a utility bill or bank statement.
Gallery upload is allowed for National ID(PAN Card etc.) but not allowed for selfies and house photos.
The time taken for the digital KYC process may vary depending on the complexity of the verification process and the volume of applications. However, with advanced digital KYC technology, the process can be completed in minutes or hours, as opposed to days or weeks with traditional paper-based processes.
Geo-fencing is available as a configurable feature that provides necessary controls against geo-spoofing attempts.