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The IT sector in India faces a major challenges like onboarding the right talent, high attrition rates, fake educational and professional details, and employee frauds, necessitating solid background verification and the need to build end-to-end digital onboarding journeys that ensure cost effectiveness and scalability. Our AI-powered solutions enable seamless, contactless and completely digital onboarding journeys helping you reduce operational costs and onboarding time by up to 90%.

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 Build digital-first employee and vendor onboarding journeys at scale

Paperless and digital onboarding has become essential in the post-pandemic world. Businesses are returning to their feet again and multiple companies have mandated workfrom-home making it indispensable to make the onboarding process contactless end-to-end. With our AI-powered products, make your onboarding journeys digital and real-time. Verify and validate personal and professional details of employees, vendors, and customers at speed and scale.

Enable contactless verification for an increasing number of gig workers

The expanding gig economy, causing disruptions in traditional ways of work, is making its way into almost all the industries. Most consultants, freelancers and gig workers are remotely located making it even more important to have capabilities to onboard them in real-time. Our onboarding & verification products come with customisable workflows, provide in-depth reports and automate your onboarding process end-to-end using AI / ML capabilities, saving your onboarding time by 90% and operational costs by up to 70%.

Stay compliant with in-built data security measures for your industry

With data becoming more accessible than ever, it must be handled with integrity and responsibility. We are committed to protecting your data privacy and security. All our products are data security compliant and meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, and global encryption standards. Our data security measures evolve and stay up-to-date with the latest global regulations and mandates around background verification space.

Ensure streamlined employee onboarding with our authentication products

Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding has become an important aspect of the hiring pipeline in the digital age. Evolving with the changing times is the only alternative left in the post-Covid era with digital onboarding and work from home becoming the new way of life. With our web-based, automated and secured solutions, digital onboarding has become near-instant with quick background verification, speedy documents collection, regular follow-ups, and real-time onboarding increasing your organisation’s productivity.

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iBridge™ is our comprehensive product for end-to-end employee screening and onboarding. With customisable workflows and in-depth reports on each background check case, iBridge™ makes onboarding paperless and contactless, helping you save onboarding time by 90% and reduce operational costs by 70%. iBridge™ comes as a stand-alone web platform with customisable, end-to-end workflows and can also be integrated with your existing HRMS tool using our APIs.

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Authlead™ is an exclusive, 360-degree solution for authentification of top and senior management to raise any red flags on their reputation or credibility for fraud risk
assessment. Evaluate the suitability of the key management personnel to ensure that a crucial decision-making position is not occupied by an unethical or a fraudulent individual. This solution is an effective management due diligence tool for all organisations hiring or partnering with an organisation.

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Our authentication products have many use cases

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