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Tech-enabled Background Verification for IT/ITES

Trusted by 2000+ Enterprises

Background Verification Solutions from Registration to Checkout


100% Transparency

Holistic view of the entire employee background verification journey


Industry-leading Turnaround Time

Checks powered by standardised data of 1 billion+ proprietary records


Near 100% Accuracy

Comprehensive background checks to build trust with data

Background Screening Solutions for the IT/ITES Industry

Simplify your background verification process with easy and intuitive solutions

Background Verification Suite for all Employee Types

AuthBridge is designed to address all your BGV needs for different types of employees


White Collar Employees

Choose the best way to screen and verify your managers and administrative staff with 140+ background verification checks


Leadership Screening Solution

Specialized background screening for hiring C suite and leadership positions to avoid any reputational risks


Extended Workforce Solution

Mitigate all your risks from the contractual and extended workforce with an all-in-one platform for emploee background screening

Background Verification Suite for all Employee Types
Confident Hiring Decisions with Comprehensive Background Checks

Confident Hiring Decisions with Comprehensive Background Checks

Enable trust and transparency in all hiring decisions.


Identity & Address Verification

Verify and validate identity in real-time against NIDs and government databases and conduct digital address verification to verify the current/permanent address remotely.


Employment & Moonlighting checks

Validate the employment history with EPFO, Form 16 checks along with checking for potential violations of moonlighting policy via UAN and Form 26 AS checks


Comprehensive Due Diligence

Screen your employees to make sure they do not pose a money laundering or terrorism financing (ML/TF) risk to your business. Additionally, run court record checks, dual employment checks, and drug tests to mitigate risk

Everything You Need for a Seamless Verification Experience

Complete visibility and trackability for timely informed decisions


Intuitive Dashboard

Keep tabs on all the key business metrics like closure TAT, Checks Severity and progress tracking via a singular holistic dashboard


Custom Verification and Operational Reports

Download BGV and operational reports from predefined templates or create a custom report as per your need


Bulk Actions to Scale

Start verification journeys, send reminders or cost approval sign-offs in bulk with our easy-to-use bulk options for verification cases

Everything You Need for a Seamless Verification Experience
User-first Platform to Adapt to Your Needs

User-first Platform to Adapt to Your Needs

Offer a seamless onboarding and verification experience to your users


Remote Onboarding

Onboard candidates with a digital journey laced with remote capabilities like digital address verification, digital Identity verification options and much more


Real-time Checks

Enjoy industry lowest verification TATs with real-time proprietary and government databases checks


Device Agnostic Solution

Offer consistent experience on all devices like mobile, desktop and tablet

Industry-Recognized Background Checks


National ID Verification


Digital Address Verification


Bank Account Verification


Drug Panel Tests


Employment Background Screening


ITR & FORM 16 Verification


Criminal Record Check


Negative Media Checks

Looking to Simplify Your Verification Onboarding Journey?

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The AuthBridge Advantage

AI-Powered Verification Checks

AI-Powered Verification Checks


Industry Leading Turnaround Time


Built for Hiring at Scale

Comprehensive Solution with Manual Verification Layer

Comprehensive Solution with Manual Verification Layer

The Platform for All Your Authenticating Needs