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Vendor/Third-Party Onboarding & Due Diligence

Our vendor verification technology leverages the power of AI-driven insights for identity, legal, financial, operational and reputational due diligence of vendors, accelerating your business decisions while reducing operational costs. Our vendor onboarding technology makes it possible to catch any discrepancies before onboarding vendors, preventing you from partnering with a fraudulent entities, thus securing you from massive reputational and financial risks.

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Catch discrepancies and frauds before onboarding vendors

Our AI-powered verification solutions are built on liveness detection technology to determine and validate vendor identity in real-time. It does so by comparing vendor’s live image with the uploaded national identity document using biometric anti-spoof algorithms ensuring only verified vendors get onboarded. This way our vendor onboarding process helps in mitigating the risks of identity thefts and financial frauds before onboarding vendors and business partners.

Reduced turnaround time from days to minutes

Our solutions enable your vendors with an easy, design-led interface that lets vendors enter their personal details, upload and e-sign their documents digitally, and verify their addresses using our geo-tagging technology. All these advanced features can reduce your onboarding time by up to 80% making your vendor onboarding process faster than ever before. This also means accelerating your organisation’s go-to-market speed, helping you scale up faster with reduced operational costs.

Access to the largest proprietary database

Get access to multiple data points as our proprietary database comprises various pan-India databases like civil and criminal litigation, advanced web and media searches, credit defaulters list, crime watchlist and reputational risk databases in a single platform delivering cost-effectiveness through single point, digital results. It categorises scattered records across these data sources to deliver instant, accurate results saving you from the cumbersome task of searching through these individual public databases.

Our Vendor Onboarding & Due Diligence Solutions


Create end-to-end digital onboarding journeys for your vendors, partners, clients, suppliers, agencies or any third party business entities – our automated onboarding product to verify and validate business details to ensure remote and contactless due diligence and onboarding experience for third party entities.

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CorpVeda is an insight-driven business intelligence platform built for in-depth analysis to enable risk assessment so you can choose trustworthy investees and business partners. It leverages the power of artificial intelligence and deep search algorithms that scan large volumes of data in no time.

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TruthScreen™ provides real-time data based authentication using artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep search algorithms to enable quicker account opening and onboarding procedures in e-commerce. TruthScreen™ leverages the largest public database along with Authbridge’s proprietary database to ensure your organisation adheres to compliances and regulatory guidelines without compromising on user data.

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SignDrive is our automated, cloud-based digital signing product that lets you upload, sign, submit and manage documents digitally. SignDrive combines Electronic Signatures, Digital Signatures, Automated Workflows, Authentication Services, Identity Management, Document Management, Document Tracking and Storage – all in a single design-led platform that can also be integrated with existing digital
capabilities of any enterprise.

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Footprints™ is our industry-first, digital address verification product built on optical character recognition (OCR), facial recognition and liveness detector technologies that can help your verify addresses of your employees, customers or business partners in remote locations.

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Vault™ is our proprietary database of negative and criminal records. It leverages the power of AI to search for various sets of permutations and combinations of that name and address against datasets from 3500+ courts and 200+ million records.

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How we simplified Vendor Onboarding journey

Application Registration Application Registration
Real-time identity verification of business entity and its owner Real-time identity verification of business entity and its owner
Bank details verification Bank details verification
Digital Address Verification of Office Digital Address Verification of Office
Terms and Conditions Acceptance via Aadhaar based eSign Terms and Conditions Acceptance via Aadhaar based eSign
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FAQs on Vendor Onboarding & Due Diligence

  • What is the purpose of due diligence of vendors in the process of Vendor Onboarding?

    The purpose of Vendor Due Diligence is to identify risks, liabilities, or any non-evident aspects of a business’s performance faster and more efficiently before forming a relationship with it. Vendor Onboarding and Due Diligence involves conducting an independent and impartial evaluation of a business or a person from a legal, financial and compliance standpoint.

  • What are the advantages of Vendor Verification?

    Vendor Verification has the following benefits:
    1) Empowers buyers with greater certainty about the nature of business and its cash flows
    2) Adds credibility to the information furnished by sellers
    3) Minimised the dependence on internal stakeholders’ time and effort for satisfactory due diligence
    4) It shortens the time needed to close deals

  • What are the checks involved in Vendor Due Diligence?

    Thorough due diligence of the vendors should be conducted before onboarding vendors. AuthBridge conducts Entity checks, Financial /shareholding pattern checks, Reputation checks, Regulatory and Credit Risk checks, Criminal Litigation Checks, Web and Media checks and Physical Site Visits. These checks may vary on the requirements of the clients.

  • What are the different types of business partner onboarding and due diligence services AuthBridge offers?

    As part of our Business Partner Onboarding and Due Diligence services, AuthBridge offers thorough and tech-led verification of vendors, franchisees, distributors, clients, suppliers, agencies, third- and fourth-party vendors, or any other intermediaries of a business. Such an investigation can be conducted before and after onboarding a business partner, though it is highly recommended to conduct it before a business partner is brought onboard.

  • Can we conduct due diligence of non-MCA registered companies?

    Yes, AuthBridge can conduct Due Diligence for non-MCA registered companies by doing business/entity verification via GSTIN API, Udyog Aadhaar, TIN, Shop and Establishment, drug licenses etc. We can also conduct physical visit via our FieldKart team to ensure presence of the entity at the registered address.

  • How much time can Due Diligence of a Vendor take for Vendor Onboarding?

    CorpVeda™, our corporate intelligence platform, can take 5 to 20 days depending on the type of report requested for vendor due diligence of MCA registered companies. For non-MCA registered companies, the timelines may vary from instantaneous onboarding to a few days, depending on the checks involved.

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