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$2 Bn lost due to employee fraud in an Indian public sector bank*

*Source: People Matters | 2018

Post-Employment Risk Watch: AuthXtend™

Employee-related risk mitigation does not end with background screening at hiring. Once verified, typically an employee is never re-verified, and this is a risk as situations and behaviours can change anytime.

Our custom solution, AuthXtend™, keeps a check on internal risks by regularly screening your current workforce. By verifying criminal records, address, education and related details, AuthXtend™ ensures that you stay informed about any changes in employee profile and/or character.

Proactively mitigate risks to your business from current employees

The solution helps businesses by ensuring all employees on-board stay compliant to the verification policy throughout employment. It aids in re-verifying promoted employees or employees of an acquired company as well as in periodically vetting criminal and address record of blue-collar employees.


Benefit from a fully automated verification process along with features like:

  • Accurate, quality background checks with detailed reporting
  • Discreet and confidential verification process to handle sensitive information
  • Data security compliant with global standards
  • A comprehensive Employee Background Verification solution for companies of all sizes and shapes
Key Checks
  • Drug Abuse Test

    Drug and substance abuse test as per your business needs and drug screening policy

  • Global Database Check

    A search through regulatory, compliance & debarment databases around the world

  • Criminal Record Verification

    A search of litigation data released by courts in the public domain

  • India - Credit History Check

    A quick check of a candidate’s financial background through CIBIL and other credit bureaus

A fraud that went on for 8 years!
How it could have been prevented earlier.
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