Case Study

Discover How a Leading Indian Sugar Manufacturer Simplified Its BGV Process with AuthBridge


About the Company

Founded in 1975 and headquartered in the City of Joy, Kolkata, the client is one of India’s leading sugar manufacturing companies engaged in the primary businesses of Sugar, Bio-Ethanol & Renewable Energy.





Key Results

We transformed the client’s process, saving time and fostering trust, in just one efficient, secure journey:

  • Flawless Verification: Our solutions eliminated ALL BGV misses, ensuring complete confidence in new hires
  • Continuous Compliance: We implemented ongoing monitoring, safeguarding the client’s business 24/7 and more.

Product and Key Checks Offered

The Challenges

This leading sugar manufacturer encountered significant hurdles due to the requirement of distinct user credentials across various locations. This approach led to 

  1. complex access management, burdening the administrative team with increased oversight and higher error rates. 
  2. Furthermore, this fragmented credential system complicated compliance and security efforts, amplifying the risk of breaches and regulatory penalties.

The Solution

Our iBRIDGE solution revolutionized the client’s approach by consolidating multiple accounts from diverse locations into a singular, unified platform. This integration provided unparalleled visibility into statuses, reports, and activities through a comprehensive dashboard.


By transforming the user background verification for our client, we empowered the client to focus on what they do best – thriving in their industry, knowing their BGV process is built on trust, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Case Study

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