Case Study

Leading FMCG Company Accelerated it's Onboarding Process with AuthBridge


About the Company

An American multinational food and beverage company headquartered in New York with a strong presence in both developed and emerging markets. One of the largest food and beverage companies in the world and known for its wide range of popular brands.




1,00,000 – 1,20,000

Key results

  • Onboarding TAT reduced by 65% 
  • Vendors successfully onboarded after evaluating and creating a risk profile for each vendor
  • 115 checks on the platform helped in creating a customised secure onboarding process
  • B2B transaction visibility helped in preventing financial loss


Define the Problem

Manual onboarding is ‘tedious and tangled’ – especially at scale and can lead to compliance failures and reputational and financial risks. Some profitable vendors/suppliers might also quit in between if the process is complicated.

Our client, a behemoth in the FMCG industry, wanted a smooth, automated, and fast solution to onboard vendors, distributors, dealers, and suppliers at scale across India and reduce their TAT while ensuring seamless onboarding and user experience with real-time authentication.

How AuthBridge Helped

Remodelled the traditional onboarding cycle

AuthBridge enabled our clients to automate their onboarding journeys with the help of ‘OnboardX’, which helped them improve TAT and helped them expand business operations across India. The streamlined process and real-time authentication enabled seamless onboarding and user experience for their verified dealers and distributors without losing pay to third parties.

Key checks supported by OnboardX

We offered key checks, i.e. corporate identity checks, financial history checks, director profile and reputational risks checks to mitigate various types of risks, such as financial, compliance, and reputational risks.

AI-powered technology for seamless and faster process

Our platform is built on technology such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Digital Signatures, Image Recognition, and Digital Address Verification to streamline the process faster and more efficiently.


Customisable and end-to-end journeys with features like DIY onboarding journey enabled our client’s partnership teams to reduce verification TAT, enhance supplier integration and low-risk collaboration, and fastest onboarding of large forces and scaling business operations.

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The most noteworthy aspects of our collaboration has been the ability to seamlessly onboard partners from all corners of India, for which our TAT has been reduced from multiple weeks to a few hours now.

- Mr. Satyasiva Sundar Ruutray
Vice President, F&A Commercial,

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