Case Study

AuthBridge Empowers Leading E-Com Major To Streamline Its Kirana Owner Verification Process


About the Company

Our client, one of the two major e-commerce giants in India, delivers everything from electronics to fashion to millions of customers. It has a pan-India presence, boasting 400 million registered customers and over 150 million listed products.





Key Results

We transformed the client’s process, saving time and fostering trust, in just one efficient, secure journey:

    • 66% BGV TAT Reduction: Streamlined processes and automation slashed background verification turnaround time, accelerating agent deployment and boosting operational efficiency
    • Flawless Onboarding: Our solutions eliminated ALL BGV misses, ensuring complete confidence in new hires
    • Impersonation Eradicated: Advanced checks stopped fake store owners in their tracks, guaranteeing platform security
    • Continuous Compliance: We implemented ongoing monitoring, safeguarding the client’s business 24/7


The Challenge

This client of ours, a global e-commerce major, wanted to support the local economy and onboard local Kirana stores. However, there was one challenge that they had to encounter in this journey of theirs: Kirana Store Owner Verification

The critical issues that they had to face included:

  • Inefficient and Scattered Onboarding.
  • Security Gaps in onboarding

The Solution

AuthBridge simplified this Kirana store verification process for the client and effectively managed all the problems by incorporating these solutions through our platform:

  • AuthBridge scrapped slow email exchanges and seamlessly linked the client’s website with real-time data exchange, ensuring swift and accurate Kirana store onboarding.
  • Implementation of a hybrid system combining instant API verifications for speed with rigorous human-assisted checks for comprehensive vetting.
  • Ditching legal documents, we integrated SignDrive, a digital solution that empowered instant electronic contract signing, streamlining the process.
  • Our cutting-edge solution identified impersonation attempts and verified credential legitimacy, enhancing the security and integrity of the client’s platform.
  • To guarantee the authenticity of Kirana store owners, we implemented a smart scoring system that analyzed various data points to pinpoint non-compliant Kirana stores.


By transforming vendor verification, we empowered the client to focus on what they do best – thriving in their industry, knowing their vendor partner ecosystem is built on trust, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Our AI-powered automation boosted speed and scalability and instilled trust, transparency, and compliance.

Case Study

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The most noteworthy aspects of our collaboration has been the ability to seamlessly onboard partners from all corners of India, for which our TAT has been reduced from multiple weeks to a few hours now.

- Mr. Satyasiva Sundar Ruutray
Vice President, F&A Commercial,

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