Case Study

How AuthBridge Transformed Delivery Agent Onboarding For India’s Leading E-Commerce Major


About the Company

The client, one of the two major e-commerce giants in India, delivers everything from electronics to fashion to millions of customers. It has a pan-India presence, boasting 400 million registered customers and over 150 million listed products.





Key Results

AuthBridge transformed the delivery agent onboarding and verification process, saving time, fostering trust, and building stronger vendor relationships in just one efficient, secure journey:

      • 66% BGV TAT Reduction: Streamlined processes and automation slashed background verification turnaround time, accelerating agent deployment and boosting operational efficiency.
      • Impersonation Elimination: Advanced facial recognition and digital address verification solutions eliminated agent impersonation and fraud, securing their network and protecting their brand.
      • Enhanced BGV Accuracy: Automated BGV processes minimized human error, resulting in significantly improved accuracy and reliable results.
      • Synchronized Compliance: Security checks seamlessly integrated with KYC, mitigating regulatory and business risks for complete peace of mind.
      • Seamless Unified Experience: A single solution eliminated data silos, ensuring data consistency and a smooth user experience for both the client and agents.


The Challenge

This global e-commerce major faced a crucial challenge: efficiently onboarding and managing its delivery agent network. While their legacy process played a key role in their success previously, it had become a bottleneck, causing several critical issues:

  • Inefficient Multi-Threaded Onboarding: Paperwork and data exchange via emails across multiple teams led to slow, error-prone processes, hindering the timely delivery of agent recruitment and deployment.
  • Incomplete Verification Measures: Gaps in basic verification procedures meant uncertainties about agent credibility, potentially impacting customer trust and delivery security.
  • KYC Compliance Gaps: Without clear confirmation that KYC-verified individuals were the actual delivery personnel, security risks and compliance concerns existed.

These issues directly impacted the client’s operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and potential compliance violations. The need for an imminent holistic solution, replacing the outdated and fragmented onboarding process, was crucial.

The Solution

We simplified the onboarding process for our client and effectively managed all the problems by incorporating these solutions through our platform:

  • We implemented a platform that allowed the client to onboard delivery agents to self-initiate their journey or be registered directly by hub managers.
  • AuthBridge’s solution combined API-based instant verifications with rigorous human-assisted checks, ensuring speed and thorough due diligence. 
  • We replaced slow, paper-based contracts with SignDrive, a digital solution enabling instant electronic signatures. 
  • Our platform seamlessly integrated with the client’s existing proprietary application, enabling real-time data exchange without disruption. 
  • To address concerns about fake addresses, we implemented a cutting-edge address verification solution. This system effectively identified impersonation attempts and verified the legitimacy of provided credentials.


By transforming vendor onboarding, we empowered the client to focus on what they do best – thriving in their industry, knowing their vendor ecosystem is built on trust, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Our AI-powered automation boosted speed and scalability and instilled trust, transparency, and compliance. 

Contact AuthBridge and streamline your Third-party Onboarding and risk management, today!

Case Study

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