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Leading Bank Transitions to Digital Address Verification


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Key Results

  • Quick, cost-effective, and contactless address verification
  • A fuss-free and simple onboarding journey led to a better candidate experience
  • Enhance candidate onboarding experience

Products and Solutions

Define the Problem

One of our clients from the banking sector initiated a verification request for their new employees; address verification was part of the scope. In light of COVID-19, we suggested them to adopt our Digital Address Verification to verify addresses in a contactless manner.

While the client was contemplating whether to adopt the solution or not, they asked us to conduct physical address verification in the interim for a candidate. The candidate refused to let our verifier enter their premise as it could become a possible health hazard to their family.

Comprehending the situation, our client immediately switched to Digital Address Verification.

How AuthBridge Helped

Implemented Digital Address Verification Solutions – Footprints Digital for contactless onboarding

Upon being given a green signal for digital address verification, we just needed one input from the client – the mobile number of the candidates. The addresses of candidates were then verified in three simple steps:

  • Auto population of candidate details through a form sent to the phone number of every candidate
  • Verification of details or addition of other details by the candidate along with a selfie, photo of an ID and live photo of the residence
  • Automated GPS coordinate tracking upon the submission of the form.


Our Digital Address Verification – Footprints proved to be a great technology to have in your digital toolkit during COVID 19. It even costed lesser than physical address verification and accelerated verification and onboarding of the employees.

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