Case Study

Textile Major Conducted 16000+ Instant Background Verifications With AuthBridge


About The Company

Headquartered in Ludhiana, Punjab, the client is the largest terry towel and wheat straw based paper manufacturer in the world. The company has an annual revenue of INR 6200+ crores and a wide range of products in the categories of home textiles, stationery, paper, yarn, and chemicals.





Key Results

The client witnessed remarkable results after implementing AuthBridge’s background verification solution. They experienced a significant improvement in their employee background verification process, saving valuable time and resources. The key outcomes included:

  • AuthBridge’s thorough checks, including criminal background assessments, contributed to a safer work environment by identifying candidates who might pose a safety risk to other employees or the organization.
  • We helped businesses adhere to industry-specific regulations and legal requirements for employee background checks, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties and many more.

Product and Key Checks Offered

The Challenges

The client was facing a herculean challenge in front of itself. The challenge at hand was to do a background verification check of its existing employees, surmounting over 16,000 personnel spread all over India.

The Solution

Upon fully grasping our client’s needs, we chose to elevate their background verification processes through our exhaustive suite of BGV checks. Our offerings bolster background screening capabilities with instantaneous verification, leveraging a database-centric method that furnishes tenfold faster, precise results. Such efficiency enabled the swift execution of thousands of background verifications for our client in mere minutes. Our finely tuned name-match algorithms adeptly handled the complexities of geographical and regional differences, ensuring accuracy in every match.


By transforming background verification for our client, we empowered the client to focus on what they do best – thriving in their industry, knowing their customer ecosystem is built on trust, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Our AI-powered automation boosted speed and scalability and instilled trust, transparency, and compliance.

Case Study

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