Case Study

South Asia's Largest Hospitality Company Streamlined Its Vendor Onboarding Process With AuthBridge

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About the Client

Founded in the early 1900s and with a presence spanning continents and diverse travel experiences under its belt, our client, a major Global and South Asia’s Largest Hospitality Company recognized the crucial role technology plays in maintaining its world-class standards.





Key Results

  • Significant manual efforts reduction by API-based real-time verification during vendor onboarding
  • Elimination of duplicate entries and ensuring the integrity of vendor data across on client’s database and legacy application Orion
  • Ensured corporate governance through role and hierarchy-based authorization workflows
  • Intuitive user experience empowered by rich UI, easier navigation and colour coding according to the status of the case
  • Better decision-making due to advanced filter options and readily available customized reports

Product And Key Checks Offered

The Challenge

Recognizing the need for a unified and efficient approach to vendor management and compliance across its various hotel chains, our client embarked on a search for a robust IT solution that would

  • Simplify Vendor Onboarding and document verification
  • Capture details of primary contacts, escalation contacts and authorised signatory
  • Collect safety details, certification details and legal details

The Solution

Imagine onboarding new vendors seamlessly, with real-time verification and secure information flow. That’s exactly what we achieved for our client using the OnboardX platform. Here’s how:

Streamlined Onboarding: AuthBridge replaced the client’s cumbersome, manual process with our user-friendly OnboardX platform, simplifying vendor registration and document submission. 

Real-time Verification: OnboardX enabled real-time checks for crucial documents like PAN, GST, CIN, and more, giving our client immediate assurance about vendor legitimacy

Secure Payment Information: Maintaining accuracy and security are critical when it comes to payments. We implemented penny-drop verification for vendor bank accounts, guaranteeing accurate details and eliminating payment risks

Seamless Integration: No data silos here! We integrated OnboardX with the client’s existing Orion application through a secure SFTP connection. 

Customized Reporting: We configured OnboardX to generate custom reports and messages based on the client’s preferred templates. 

Controlled Access: Security is paramount. We established clear hierarchies and role-based authorization workflows within OnboardX.


In a world where efficiency and compliance reign supreme, AuthBridge empowered this Global Hospitality major to revamp its vendor onboarding process. Our AI-powered automation not only boosted speed and scalability but also instilled trust, transparency, and compliance. By embracing innovation, our clients positioned themselves at the forefront of their industry.

Case Study

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