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Enabled a leading health insurance company to uncover chinks in the armor of a prospective senior-level hire


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A leading health insurance company


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Key results

  • The candidate worked with the cofounder at their last organisation, who revealed that the former was asked to leave due to performance issues.
  • The cofounder also let us know that feedback about the candidate from their client end was also negative – they were perceived to be lazy, and their communication skills could have been better for a leadership role.
  • The cofounder concluded that the candidate was not eligible for rehiring. The HR Head also reasserted this belief.
  • A Director and Senior Portfolio Manager at the same company revealed that there were 1-2 instances where quick action was required on the candidate’s part, and he lacked a sense of urgency.
  • Vice President – Operations National Head stated that the candidate could have improved their understanding of the balance sheet and needed to go beyond the ‘sales perspective’ to adopt the perspective of a portfolio manager
  • Vice President – Corporate Relationships and Sales Acquisition for North told us the candidate needed more client exposure and experience handling a team reporting to them.


Define the Problem

‘Career Progression’ is one of the most widely stated reasons for a job change while applying for a new position. It is a seemingly natural reason that it often hides more than it tells, especially when given by a senior-level hire who has barely spent one year at the last organisation. When contacting AuthBridge for their background verification, a leading health insurance company wasn’t expecting to uncover unpleasant professional and personal feedback on a senior-level wealth manager with a proven record of association with reputed financial organisations. But if our 16+ years of domain expertise have taught us anything, it is the fact that frauds and risks emerge from the most unexpected corners.

How AuthBridge Helped

Our Mandate

Our mandate with the client was to conduct standard background verification on this top-level hire on pre-decided parameters. While five of the six checks ushered satisfactory results, one check- the last employment verification – raised alarm bells for us, resulting in a ‘Red’ report. The red report in this scenario meant that the prospective employee had yet to be declared eligible for rehiring by the last organisation.

Proposed AuthLead – for screening top-level hires

We brought this to the client’s attention and suggested they delve deeper into understanding the cause before taking an informed decision. We proposed AuthLead, a solution exclusively for screening top-level hires. Senior-level frauds are far too dangerous for an organisation’s reputation and culture than frauds by other employees. The financial implications of such frauds are extremely tangible since senior hires are highly paid and can access an organisation’s crucial resources.

Dedicated an expert resource to handle the case critically

Our methodology for this case involved providing an expert resource who had dealt with such cases critically. They knew just the right questions to elicit an honest and direct response. Our resource contacted at least two representatives at the last two employments of the candidate once again for detailed feedback.


Deploying a custom solution designed specifically for top-level candidate authentication enabled us to deliver crucial decision-making information to the client in 5 days, one of the fastest turn-around- times for these kinds of checks in the industry. Whether or not to hire rested solely with the client, but we hope this stitch in time saved our client time.

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