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Data Extraction and Validation

Our real-time data extraction technology enables customers, vendors, employees and partners with auto-fill forms that extract name, address and other data fields from NIDs like PAN card, driving license, Aadhar card, etc. significantly reducing the drop-off and form abandonment rates. Our technology also validates extracted details from respective regulatory databases without tampering any document, while meeting the global data privacy standards through non-storage of extracted data.

Eliminate cumbersome form filling, support calls and data-entry errors

Completely omit paperwork and reduce errors with auto-fill feature that relieves your customers of manual and cumbersome data entry resulting in lower abandonment rates. Data extraction and validation has several applications across use cases like auto-fill forms for your employee onboarding, blue-collar staff verification, customer onboarding, agent onboarding, etc. saving your onboarding time and costs.

Identify discrepancies with the in-built image blurriness check

Get notified each time there is a skewed, blurry or disoriented image right at the beginning of the onboarding process so that you can catch discrepancies and potential identity thefts with AI-powered high-quality image processing. This also spares your operational teams the effort of going back to customers in cases of unclear data or lack of information.

Global standards for data security

Apart from adding convenience and speed to your onboarding process, the data extraction and validation technology meets global standards for data privacy and security by ensuring non-storage of extracted data, NIDs and OVDs.

Four-step image-based identity verification

Document capture and validation (OCR) Document capture and validation (OCR)
Image comparison between NID captured image and selfie Image comparison between NID captured image and selfie
Face match percentage and image recognition status generated Face match percentage and image recognition status generated
Identity confirmation and access to application Identity confirmation and access to application

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FAQs for the ever curious

  • Is it okay to use webcams for OCR of images uploaded by customers?

    Mobile phones are preferred over webcams, though both are supported by our Data Extraction and validation APIs. Using a webcam can challenge the capability of OCR to correctly extract data because of the quality of the image captured by the webcam.

  • Are images compressed while conducting OCR?

    Yes, automatic compression of images will be done by our Data Extraction and validation APIs to improve further processing and to perform OCR accurately on the uploaded image.

  • What are the documents for which you can perform data extraction?

    We have trained our systems for Data Extraction and Validation of National IDs such as Aadhaar, PAN, Driving License, Passport and Voter ID

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