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StaffAssure - Blue-collar employee verification

StaffAssure is our B2B identity management and background verification product specifically designed
to suit the verification requirements of blue-collar employees. Trusted by India’s top-notch startups that
employ thousands of blue-collar staff at scale, StaffAssure comes with in-built identity verification
technology built that gives face-match scores by comparing them with NIDs and uses geotagging to
verify addresses, ensuring your business builds a secure environment.

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Catch discrepancies and frauds before onboarding blue-collar employees

Our AI-powered verification solutions are built on liveness detection technology to determine and validate candidate identity in real-time. It does so by comparing candidate’s live image with the uploaded national identity document using biometric anti-spoof algorithms ensuring only verified vendors get onboarded. This way our solutions help in mitigating the risks of identity thefts and criminal activities before onboarding blue-collar staff.

Reduce turnaround time, scale up faster

Our solutions enable your vendors with an easy, design-led interface that lets blue-collar staff enter their personal details, upload and e-sign their documents digitally, and verify their addresses with ease. All these advanced features can reduce your onboarding time by up to 80% making your blue-collar verification process faster than ever before, helping you scale up faster with reduced operational costs.

Access to the largest proprietary database with civil, criminal checks

Get access to multiple data points as our proprietary database comprises various pan-India databases like civil and criminal litigation, advanced web and media searches, credit defaulters list, crime watchlist and reputational risk databases in a single platform delivering cost-effectiveness through single-point, digital results. It categorises scattered records across these data sources to deliver instant, accurate results saving you from the cumbersome task of searching through these individual public databases.

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